Welcome to Wittenborg's Admissions Office

Welcome to the Admissions Office!Wittenborg's admissions team has over ten years of experience in helping students with all aspects of applications, from programmes to scholarships, Shengen visas to accommodation.

Welcome to the Wittenborg Admissions Office!

Our experienced Admissions team prides itself on delivering a personalised and efficient communication with students.  The advantages of applying and enrolling at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences are manifold:

  • We ensure that you are applying for the most suitable course that fits your needs and promise to provide you with excellent information and guidance.
  • We process the complete Shengen visa application for all our international students and arrange residence permits.
  • We assist in all aspects of getting you ready to start – prior to departure and arrival!

Deciding where you want to study can be a difficult task.  With over 10 years of experience, Wittenborg's Admissions Office is specifically geared towards helping you decide if this is the right international university of applied sciences, with the right programme for you. 

Once you have decided to apply for admission to one of Wittenborg's programmes, the Admissions Office will assist you in your application, whether you are a new (freshman) student or a transfer student. The Admissions Office helps both Dutch and International students living in the Netherlands or coming directly from abroad in aspects such as study exemptions, fees, scholarships, student accommodation, Shengen visas, insurance, books and study materials, and much more.