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Last week representatives of Wittenborg visited the International College of Tourism and Management in Bad Vöslau, to discuss plans to work together running WUAS hospitality business administration (HBA) top-up programmes in Austria at… read more

International students view the Netherlands as more tolerant and “immigrant friendly” than other European countries, a quick survey among new students at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has revealed. Students were probed on… read more

The WUAS cricket team triumphed over the Gelre Cricket Club in a nail-biting T20-match this weekend at the Zupthen cricket grounds. T20 means both sides have a single innings each, restricted to 20 overs. Each side consists of 11… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences welcomed more than 100 new students from at least 25 different countries for the 2019-20 academic year – pushing its student nationality count for the calendar year to well over 100! 

We are enjoying another wonderful international start to the academic year, with students from around the world joining locally based students in bachelor and master classes in Apeldoorn and in Amsterdam! It’s amazing to see that the… read more

Moderation is the idea that we should always strive to lead a balanced life and avoid all kinds of extremism.  We should always be moderate and balanced in all aspects of our lives.  Every admirable trait has two ends… read more

On Monday, 2 September, the new academic year will officially start for students at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences when classes commence, but this week will already see new students arriving in droves from all over the world… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has added German city, Munich, as a study destination for its students - this is in addition to its main campus in Apeldoorn, another in Amsterdam and one in Vienna. This follows an agreement… read more

An agreement between Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences and the New European College (NEC) in Germany means students can now also study in Munich. We asked the managing director of NEC, Sascha Liebhardt, what makes Munich such a… read more

Humans are social creatures and are always in need of friends and companions.  A major part of our lives is spent in academic, business, or social interaction with others.  Befriending the right persons in our lives is a… read more

Wittenborg lecturer, Dr André de Waal, has published 25 books and hundreds of articles on the subject of why some organisations outperform others for a sustained period of time. One of his scholarly articles was recently selected as… read more

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Wittenborg lecturer, Dr Muhammad Ashfaq, was recently at Cambridge University in the UK, where he participated in the Gulf Research Meeting Conference. As one of the participants he presented a research paper on “Knowledge, Attitude and… read more

Wittenborg graduate Ilya Kupris chose such an interesting topic for his graduation assignment that the results of his research have been picked up by a regional Dutch newspaper, de Stentor.  Kupris (20) looked at how the so-called… read more

Conquering problems in life and solving complicated issues is never easy, but they are inevitable.  No matter how much we try to avoid problems or make our lives uncomplicated, problems never fail to knock on our doors.  A few… read more

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There was a wonderful feeling of hope and elation in the air when 10 students from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences graduated along with about 3,000 others from the University of Brighton, UK, last weekend. Brighton is… read more

Summer’s finally here!  After all those exams, research papers and group projects, it’s finally time for a well-deserved, long break.  I’m sure you have already made plans to fill up your time during this vacation.  That’… read more

The vital impact of the green revolution on the economy was highlighted by Wittenborg lecturer, Dr Muhammad Ashfaq, when he recently participated in the 10th Interdisciplinary Conference “Nature – Human and Culture” organised by the… read more

Many years ago, I worked in a company where the employees needed to key in their ID numbers into a clock-in machine to register their arrival and departure times at work.  It was an easy and accurate system to monitor staff… read more

The Dutch government is taking some serious steps to curb the number of international students coming to the country, which includes raising the minimum tuition fee for students from outside the European Economic Area and compelling… read more

The Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) has asked prospective international students to direct questions about their intended stay in the Netherlands to the institution they intend to apply to – whether a research… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences' new Head of Operations, Lasantha de Silva, received his second master's degree at the university's 2019 Summer Graduation Ceremony, along with fellow master's and bachelor's graduates from all… read more

MBA student, Jahn Christian Verkooijen from Norway, has just managed to achieve the highest pass rate ever at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences by scoring an average mark of almost 90% (8.8).

Did you know students at Wittenborg write an average of 12 research papers or essays during their first year, which amounts to approximately 24,000 words altogether?  That is a lot of words to write.  And if you are not a… read more

Listed below is a combination of two frequent scenarios that may occur given this topic. It’s 11:00pm, a loud *ding* is heard coming from your phone: the notification from your airline is requesting for you to check-in for your flight… read more

Internationalisation in Dutch higher education has been dealt a major setback after it became public this week that the government is planning a substantial cut in the subsidy it gives to Nuffic - the Dutch organisation for… read more

Wittenborg has signed its first partnership agreement with an Australian institution, Deakin University, which was ranked in the top 1% of the world’s universities by the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) last year and it… read more

Almost 40 graduates from 16 different countries received their well-earned degrees at Wittenborg's 2019 Summer Graduation Ceremony at Apeldoorn City Hall - the youngest among them being 19-year old Illia Kupris from Ukraine. They were… read more

It is with great pleasure to announce that Wittenborg’s student representatives have completed their report and handed it in to the Executives. The official report is filled with many of Wittenborg students’ ideas and suggestions to… read more

When 19-year old student, Illia Kupris, passed his last module this summer, he became the youngest graduate ever at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences. He will receive his diploma this Friday along with other graduates at… read more

Despite many of us leaving the Netherlands for our Summer holidays, there are still quite a few that will be enjoying the beautiful, predictable weather that the Netherlands has to offer. With that in mind, there are many things you can… read more

What do international students want when it comes to choosing universities? If you are looking for one answer to this question, you may be disappointed. As demonstrated last week when Nuffic Neso representatives from four different… read more

It is with great sadness that Wittenborg has come to learn about the passing away of one of its alumni, BBA graduate Joost Heerkens, who graduated from the Economics & Management programme in 2014.  

Joost was certainly… read more

Under pressure from the populist right and facing shrinking budgets, Dutch universities are not having a stellar moment. What does this mean for the future of internationalism in the Netherlands and institutions like Wittenborg… read more

The word "ego" is commonly used in our daily conversation, but not many people truly know its meaning.  Ego, as defined in the Collins English Dictionary, is a person’s sense of his or her own worth.  The Cambridge Dictionary… read more

Wittenborg is delighted to highlight Dutch student Philippe Beumers' new business venture. Philippe is currently in the first year of his bachelor's degree program in Economics & Management. However, his passion revolves around… read more

In an effort to dispel perceptions that international students in the Netherlands are mere 'cash cows' instead of a welcome addition to the Dutch student population, the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in higher education,… read more

Many people know what IQ is, but do you know what EQ is?  Is IQ more important than EQ, or is it the other way around?  What do they both entail?

Van Engelshoven was responding to questions posed in parliament by the Socialist Party MP, Frank Futselaar. Futselaar was referring to a recent article published in Onderwijsblad, a publication of the AOb which alluded to international… read more

MBA students from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences recently visited ESPS - the company behind the Robotics Experience Centre in Almelo. They were led by the Head of Wittenborg’s School for Business, Dr Rauf Abdul.

How does a small, private institution like Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences keep on distinguishing itself in a market teeming with big, public universities and an avalanche of online study programmes?

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences embraces internationalisation as one of its key values.  With every intake, it manages to bring in students from a vast number of nationalities.  That is something to be proud of since… read more

The passing away of one of Wittenborg's most popular invigilators, Jan Kruitbos, was met with sadness by staff and students alike this week. Kruitbos, 71, worked at Wittenborg for 10 years and was a familiar face during exams and… read more

Wittenborg CEO, Maggie Feng, has had a preliminary meeting with Good People Consulting, an Indian talent acquisition group which provides business solutions in the field of human resource management, to discuss collaboration… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has just seen its second group of lecturers complete the Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching & learning in Higher Education. The programme is offered to postgraduates looking to obtain an… read more

Wittenborg's annual 'Project Week' excursion this year was held at the Open-Air Museum in Arnhem earlier this week. The Open-Air museum essentially demonstrates what it was like to live in the past. Students had a 90-minute guided tour… read more

Many students find themselves in tricky situations and creating a budget is not as easy as it looks. Being on your own, you start to question: How did my parents do it, and how are other students managing? Sooner or later you will… read more

When Wittenborg CEO, Maggie Feng, recently visited the Hong Kong Polytechnic University's School of Hotel and Tourism Management and looked through their list of faculty members, there's one name she certainly did not expect to see -… read more

Writing papers with tight deadlines is part of every student's life. We all know the myth of student laziness and we can argue if it is true or if it is just something the world around us wants to believe. I am starting to believe that… read more

Getting back to the point, arriving in the Netherlands was quite interesting. Both the Dutch and Canadians share similar values, which eased my way in adapting to the Dutch culture. The Dutch are very accepting and easy-going, which is… read more

A 15-year-old boy was hanging out with a group of friends at a local café in a small village.  He got a call from his father telling him to come home.  When asked if everything was all right at home, the father said everything… read more

Nine universities from around the world are working together to create a highly secure, shared, infrastructure to provide graduates with a digital version of their degrees… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is hoping to bring the prestigious Hospitality and Tourism Educators Conference, EuroCHRIE, back to the Netherlands for the first time in 10 years. The last time it was held here was in 2010.… read more

Wittenborg has welcomed the decision of the Apeldoorn city council not to include the notorious Christmas character, Black Peter (Zwarte Piet), in its annual celebration of St Nicholas Day on 16 November. Apeldoorn has been announced as… read more

You might do a double take when you run into Vietnamese brothers Xuong Long Truong and The Long Truong (18) at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences’ Apeldoorn campus – the pair represent the first set of twins to study here.

It is no secret that our blocks at Wittenborg go by faster than the speed of sound, therefore, distractions play a huge role in our overall educational performance. Not in a good way, unfortunately. Listed below are a few major… read more

A cosmopolitan group of new students from 8 different countries started their classes at Wittenborg Amsterdam this week, preceded by a fun orientation session at their new campus. They are part of the last intake at Wittenborg… read more

Earning a post-graduate degree - like a master's or doctorate - can significantly boost your pay-check, official income data from the UK suggests. The 2018 graduate earning figures published by the UK Department of Education show that… read more

Have a question about what it’s really like to study in the Netherlands?  Then meet Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences’ new Student… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences welcomed its last group of new students for the 2018-19 academic year at its campus in Apeldoorn this week. The university’s multiple entry-date system allows for 6 student intakes per year. The… read more

Most people hate presentations, whether as a presenter, listener or evaluator.  The truth is, this sweeping statement is completely justified. Most of us know how it feels like listening to or presenting boring, incoherent and ‘… read more

Applications are now open for a new cluster of master's programmes at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences - the Master in Business Management (MBM) – which will start in September this year.

Academic and support staff at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences attended the first of a series of workshops on Friday, equipping them to deal with and steer students with psychological problems to get the appropriate help.

Programs at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences are designed to create strong-minded, business-savvy and entrepreneurial individuals. The programs build capabilities to shape new ideas and infuse future-ready skills.

Ever heard of the butterfly effect? In this week's column MBA student Hana Abdelwahab explores what we can learn from the theory that reminds us how small things can have a massive effect.

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is calling on the Dutch Inspectorate of Education to evaluate the way agencies recruit international students for transition-year programmes, which eventually win them a place at Dutch… read more

Perspective in the Cambridge Dictionary means: “a particular way of considering something or to think about a situation or problem in a wise and reasonable way”.  Perspective in American English means: “a particular way of viewing… read more

Linda has a long list of professional accomplishments in her repertoire from being an author of a book, being a part-time university-level lecturer in which she taught taxation law for 16 years, to still owning her own accounting… read more

‘Procrastination is the thief of time’.  Have you heard this phrase before? Well, it’s an old adage coined by the English writer Edward Young in his 10,000-line poem entitled: The Complaint: or, Night-Thoughts on Life, Death,… read more

The share of international students in the Netherlands has risen from 10.5% to 11.5% the past year with Italy overtaking China as the 2nd biggest country of origin after Germany. International students in the Netherlands now represent… read more

Students at Wittenborg sometimes have to work in teams as part of their course work. Sometimes you strike it lucky and end up in a dream team where everyone pulls their weight, but other times you get stuck in a group where no one seems… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has released its 'Code of Conduct for the Use of the English Language', as required by law. This follows recent discussions in the media and in parliament about the anglicisation of Dutch Higher… read more

Wittenborg (WUAS) was represented earlier this month at the AACSB ICAM conference in Edinburgh, by Professor Dr Ron Tuninga, Vice President Academic Affairs, and Dr Rauf Abdul, Head of the WUAS School of Business. ICAM is AACSB's yearly… read more

Wittenborg lecturer, Dr Muhammad Ashfaq, recently participated in the 7th Global Forum on Islamic Finance organised by the COMSATS University Islamabad held at its Lahore campus in Pakistan. Ashfaq gave a presentation which asked the… read more

Students from Wittenborg Amsterdam recently had the opportunity to listen to Dr Melody Sauerborn, bio-pharmacy scientist and serial entrepreneur. Sauerborn was invited as guest lecture as part of the "Bootstrapping & Raising… read more

Wittenborg graduate Olumide Omotoso has proved that you can make a big difference in the world with a simple idea. While doing his master's degree in Apeldoorn, the Nigerian football player organised a shoe collection drive for… read more

During the presentation, staff focused on 3 different aspects: diversity, culture and cultural differences. To break the ice, the high-school pupils were tasked with guessing the origins of Wittenborg's facilitators. This exercise… read more

Wittenborg's Head of Research, Dr. Nicolet Theunissen,  is not only a scientist, but also an accomplished singer who regularly performs as one part of the piano-vocalist duo, Sound of Balance. The duo recently organised and… read more

Exams are finally over, at least for this block.  There are dozens more exams to come if you are at the start of your bachelor's or master’s degree.  It sounds so daunting, but that’s how it has been and will continue to be.… read more

Wittenborg is known for the multiple entry dates that they offer for both bachelor's and master's degree students. As the fourth intake of the academic year is upon us, a total of 41 new students joined Wittenborg: 38 in Apeldoorn and 3… read more

A new study has shown that international students who stay in the UK contribute £3.2 billion to the British treasury in extra tax revenue over a period of 10 years. It also put paid to the misconception that non-British graduates take… read more

Wittenborg University last week held discussions in Moscow with the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation. The aim of the discussions was to find areas of mutual collaboration, in the area of student and… read more

If you want to have a bigger voice in the national discourse on education, a master's degree in Education is one way to empower yourself. This was one of the messages at Wittenborg’s recently held Symposium on its new MA in Education.… read more

Wittenborg's Head of Research, Dr Nicolet Theunissen, recently participated in the Dutch symposium "Body, Mind & Machine!", organised by the innovation network Permanent Beta in Amersfoort. The founders of Permanent Beta believe… read more

Students at Wittenborg Amsterdam recently got a lesson on how owning their personal space by simply taking on a more powerful stand, can boost their confidence in business. The Phase One students followed a Training in Interpersonal… read more

The Dutch National Student Survey (NSE) collapses after the association of university of applied sciences withdraws with immediate affect.

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has become a member of the newly launched  Business Graduates Association (BGA), an accreditation… read more

"I don't know what to do or where to go in Apeldoorn."
This is one of the complaints that I’ve heard from my friends.  We just don’t know what to do in Apeldoorn, when we have some spare time or when we are bored and need to… read more

Wittenborg student student Varsha Punj was close by when a gunman opened fire on a tram in Utrecht on Monday which killed three people and injured five.  The final-phase hospitality student lives about 500m from where the incident… read more

The Dutch are considering a travel card for international students to give them a discount on public transport after a successful trial in 2018 involving five universities and four universities of applied sciences. About 3,000 of these… read more

Patience  can be defined as the ability to endure pain or suffering when faced with affliction or provocation.  It basically means remaining calm and steadfast without resorting to impulsive reaction or action.  A patient… read more

Ten master's students from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences recently visited German city Münster where they got to watch a professional volleyball match between USC Münster and Nawaro Straubing, as well as gaining valuable… read more

It can be quite difficult to determine what career path is best for students and graduates who are currently or soon to be looking for employment or internships. Fortunately, a seminar last week hosted by Cloud Integrate's Paul Ginsberg… read more

With the UK’s messy divorce from the EU reaching boiling point this week, an executive member of Gelderland province, Michiel Scheffer, led a seminar talk at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences on Tuesday evening to shed light on… read more

The role of women has evolved and equal gender rights are more important than ever. Female empowerment, unfortunately not yet globally but in progressive nations, is the norm rather than the exception. Wittenborg as a diverse and… read more

The largest education abroad fair of Ukraine ‘Study Abroad’ held last week at Fairmont Grand Hotel in Kiev, Ukraine. Thousands of prospective Ukrainian students attended this fair which was organised by one of Wittenborg's official… read more

Since Dr Arthur L. Costa and Dr Bena Kallick came up with the 16 Habits of Mind framework in 2009, school administrators all over the world have tried to implement them in their schools.  Teachers are encouraged to… read more

Wittenborg's very own CEO, Maggie Feng, was invited by WomenInTech to the “Sounding of the Gong” ceremony of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange held at Euronext in Amsterdam, in company with many other successful women in celebration of the… read more

The Netherlands is one of the most distinctive football nations in the world and recently students from Wittenborg Amsterdam got a taste of that glory when they visited the  Johan Cruijff Arena, home of Dutch football club AFC Ajax… read more

What does punctuality mean in different societies?  How pertinent is it in our daily lives?  What effect/s does it have in our interactions with other people?  Is it part of our ethics?
These are some questions that… read more

There was a touching moment at this year’s Winter Graduation Ceremony when MSc graduate, Renan Roma, described how studying at Wittenborg gave him a new appreciation for what cultural diversity really means.

Most people are satisfied after graduating with a bachelor’s degree.  To them, it is an accomplishment that warrants great celebration and festivity.  But is it really sufficient in this new age and technology where online… read more

Dr Jan-Albert Dop has been appointed as new Vice-President: Corporate Affairs at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences. For the past 9 years Dop has been associated with NRTO, the Dutch Council for Private Universities and… read more

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housands of prospective students from Ukraine visited the country’s largest international education fair, Ukraine “Study Abroad”, the past weekend, which was held at the Fairmont Grand Hotel in the capital city, Kiev. More than 60… read more

The Netherlands higher education inspectorate is investigating Stenden University of Applied Sciences for exam-fraud at its Qatar campus. According to an article in the Dutch newspaper NRC, The university is accused of corrupt staff,… read more

What do Dutch employers expect when they recruit international talent for internships or jobs? We asked Andries Grul, the export manager of Royal Talens, an international company based in Apeldoorn, who recently employed Wittenborg MBA… read more

When you meet Indian student Chayan (ChiChi) Taldar he does not look like he has a care in the world. Full of humour with lots of friends, he works part-time as a bartender in Apeldoorn and comes from a family of hoteliers. 

MSc students from Wittenborg's joint programmes with the University of Brighton (UoB) received their diplomas at UoB's 2019 Winter Graduation Ceremony in the UK on Friday. Six of Wittenborg's lecturers also graduated after completing… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences welcomed its first group of new students for 2019 this week, starting them off with a tight schedule of orientation week activities before classes start on Monday. The group hails from 16… read more

Barely 2 months after starting with his MSc in Sport Business Management at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, Costa Rican student Rodrigo Ayarza, has found an internship with Dutch football club, NEC Nijmegen. Though he… read more

A few brave students, staff and alumni faced the cold this weekend to fly the Wittenborg flag at the 2019 Apeldoorn Midwinter Marathon, participating in the 8-km race. It is the oldest running event still in existence in the Netherlands… read more

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British students at Dutch institutions of higher education need not fear that the favorable conditions under which they are currently studying will change abruptly if no Brexit agreement is reached by the time the UK leaves the EU on 29… read more

The 2019 National Student Survey (NSE) kicked off this week - the survey represents the collective voice of all students studying in the Netherlands, giving them the opportunity to rate the programme they are following and the… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is excited to announced that on 28 March 2019 it will host a high-level Symposium on its new Master of Arts in Education, featuring academic experts from both the UK and the Netherlands. … read more

Bosire, who is currently pursuing his PhD in supply-chain finance, will be the new Coordinator: Development in Teaching and Administrator of Graduation Assignments/Final Project. Up until now he has been teaching finance modules to IBA… read more

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More than 76% of undergraduate students from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences who took part in the MIT World Climate Simulation Game last month say the exercise changed their views on climate change, with almost 80% now seeing… read more

As 2019 commences, so has the year-long mandate of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences’ 15 new student representatives who were elected towards the end of last year after pitching to fellow students.

After the British parliament voted against the Brexit deal on Tuesday evening, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences (WUAS) has indicated that it will meet as soon as possible with the University of Brighton in the UK to discuss its… read more

Wittenborg will aim to bring its student population up to 1,000 for the first time in 2019, the institution's chair of the executive board, Peter Birdsall, told staff and guests at its annual New Year's reception.

Following the November 2018 launch, Wittenborg's newly published Whiskey Burn: The Distilleries of Ireland by Vespa has surpassed expectations by the attention received from our customers and the general public. Like its earlier… read more

Hotels that go green definitely have a positive impact on guest satisfaction. This was the outcome of research done by Wittenborg IBA student, Meng Fu, who did a case study at the eco-friendly Park Plaza Hotel in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark… read more

You have arrived– an international student in the Netherlands. Next stop, getting a bicycle because everyone has one and it will look so cute on your Instagram feed. But hold on, learning to cycle like a native can be harder than it… read more

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In line with moving its research agenda forward and fostering an environment of knowledge creation, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has in the last few weeks  taken several initiatives to promote and support the research… read more

Dear Students, Staff and Friends of Wittenborg University. It’s the time of the year when we can all take some sort of a break and hopefully relax a bit. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you come from or how you celebrate the… read more

Not feeling climate change? Too vague? Too abstract? Well, this is no longer the case for students from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences who dove headlong into the subject for 3 days the past week as participants of the World… read more

It's official! Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences celebrated the opening of its new Amsterdam building during a low-key but joyous event on Friday evening. Though students and staff already moved in late August, in time for the… read more

Sanne de Jong has been appointed as the new Student Career Counsellor and Alumni Office Manager at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences. She will also be the facilitator between companies and students for internships. De Jong… read more

Most parents have a hard time saying goodbye when their children leave the nest and head off to university. This won’t be a problem for Hanna Abdelwahab, who is joining her two children, Amro and Heba, as students at Wittenborg… read more

The last group of new students for the 2018 calendar year arrived in the Netherlands to start their studies at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences this week. Among them, the group boasts 15 different nationalities – Venezuela,… read more

On 17 December, Wittenborg will become only the 3rd institute of higher education in the Netherlands to use the World Climate Simulation game – a role-playing exercise which simulates UN climate change negotiations – to raise awareness… read more

Almost 30 MBA students from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences were left in awe when they visited the Robotics Experience Centre (REC) in Almelo, in the Netherlands, this week as part of a Project Week company visit. The… read more

Wittenborg Amsterdam recently hosted the wildly popular Amsterdam Tech Job Fair, which brings together job-seekers and recruiters in the tech and business industry. It was attended by hundreds of people, including students from… read more

In less than a month, Wittenborg will say goodbye to the Robotics Experience Centre Testing Ground Project (RECap) which it was part of for two and a half years – happy in the knowledge that it achieved all of its goals. One of these… read more

Wittenborg's Business Development Advisor, Ben Prins, recently wrote an opinion piece on preparing for robotisation in the trade journal Vakblad Voedingsindustrie. He focused specifically on issues facing the food industry. Here follows… read more

Following a recent presentation at the main campus in Apeldoorn by Ms. Rasheeda Butler, President of BSG interns, Wittenborg students will now have the possibility to live the "American Dream" by completing a 6 – 12 month internship in… read more

As part of the Block 2 Project Week, Wittenborg Amsterdam students were asked to team up and carry out a consultancy project for The F Company , a successful digital marketing agency that provides B2B services to clients of both… read more

Wittenborg Amsterdam students consultants for a week!https://www.wittenborg.eu/wittenborg-amsterdam-students-take-consultancy-project-top-marketing-agency… read more

Senior admissions officer at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, Florian Oosterberg, has just returned from a 3-week tour of Southeast Asia, speaking to almost 100 students and education agents in three countries - Vietnam,… read more

Wittenborg's President, Peter Birdsall, reflects on a weekend in Dublin, promoting a new book on the distilleries of Ireland and the Irish Whiskey industry, written in the form of a narrative about the trip on a Vespa scooter … read more

More than 40 international students represented Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences at the Buitngewoon Business event held in Apeldoorn recently. This is the first B2B event for entrepreneurs in the Stedendriehoek region,… read more

Wittenborg's Head of Research, Dr Nicolet Theunissen, took part recently in the 44th annual
Association for Moral Education Conference in Barcelona, Spain, where she presented a paper on a new online questionnaire she developed… read more

The phenomenal growth of international students in the Netherlands and the role of universities of applied sciences in attracting them is highlighted by Wittenborg Amsterdam lecturer, Dr Dadi Chen, in an opinion piece he wrote for RNW… read more

Diverting from his usual academic writing style, Wittenborg's Head of the School of Business, Dr Rauf Abdul, has contributed to a newly published book of essays, detailing his journey from a schoolboy in Pakistan to a PhD in the… read more

Want to study abroad? All the information you need might just might one click away on Google, but another option to gain in-depth information is to attend an education fair. Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences participates in… read more

To celebrate its new Amsterdam location, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences will open the building for a grand tour to all visitors on 14 December 2018 from 16:00 – 18:00. Drinks will be served from 17:00 – 18:00. The new… read more

The Irish sequel to Wittenborg’s book exploring the whisky distilleries of Scotland has just come off the printing presses. Published by WUP, printed in Holland and written by Wittenborg in-house writer/proofreader Ben Birdsall, this… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences (WUAS) was represented this year at ICEF Berlin by Student Registrar Santosh Aryal, who spent two days discussing the innovative international programmes at WUAS within the overall ‘Study in… read more

Nuffic, the agency promoting Dutch higher education abroad, held a successful workshop on social media and storytelling with its Study in Holland student ambassadors at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences' campus in Apeldoorn… read more

Sportswear brand Nike has been lauded far and wide for its recent social-conscious marketing choices, from the New York Times to the Australian Herald - which makes Wittenborg student, Tomi Oshin, even prouder to work as a sales advisor… read more

The challenges of transitioning to a more sustainable energy management model in the Netherlands as well as Europe was the theme of a D66 event hosted at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in Apeldoorn this week. About 30… read more

The article reports that the spread of English in Dutch universities has prompted a group of lecturers to predict a looming "linguicide" and suggested that the government in The Hague imposes restrictions on allowing new English… read more

How do you use your energy resources in a sustainable way?  - This was one of the questions presented to 151 Wittenborg students at the Block 2 Project Week Kick-Off meeting on 24th October, 2018. The meeting was guest lectured by… read more

As part of a series outlining the day-to-day workings of business families, the Birdsall family were interviewed at home along with their son, Marlon (11).  Maggie Feng, CEO of Wittenborg,  describes coming to the Netherlands… read more

She has modelled for international brands like Chanel and Adidas, graced the pages of fashion magazines like Vogue Italia and Harper Bazaar, has 12,000 followers on Instagram, and is a professional tennis player. Now Chinese student… read more

Nuffic has recently announced plans to close its NESO office in Thailand after 10 years of operating there. The Bangkok office is one of the Nuffic's biggest and has played an important role in the region of Southeast Asia.  It… read more

Just two weeks before he was due to start with his MSc in International Hospitality Management at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, Dutch student Tim Geelen heard that he had been awarded the Lerarenbeurs – a scholarship for… read more

The ‘October’ intake at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences saw over 70 new students, representing 24 different nationalities, starting their bachelor’s and master’s programmes this year. 6 x entries every year at Wittenborg.… read more

A female athlete who plays for one of Germany’s top volleyball clubs, USC Münster, joined Wittenborg’s MSc programme in Sport Business Management this October. Lisa Thomsen, who plays in the top division of German volleyball – the… read more

Currently More than 250 Business Schools Worldwide hold AMBA Accreditation. Prof. Dr. Ronald Tuninga, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences' Vice-President of Academic Affairs, will chair AMBA accreditation visits to several UK… read more

Wittenborg CEO, Maggie Feng, inspired more than 100 female students from the Albeda College in Rotterdam recently on how to overcome adversity, by narrating her own struggles growing up in China and adjusting to life in the Netherlands… read more

The Apeldoorn Business Awards evening 2018 were held yesterday at a packed out Orphuis Theatre in Apeldoorn. 7 companies were rewarded with the prize, and all runners up were praised for their business, their entrepreneurship and their… read more

Stakeholders in the Dutch higher education sector met in The Hague on Wednesday (10 October) for a seminar on the future of international students in the Netherlands. Heated debates on the admission and selection of international… read more

Dutch universities have once again scored well in one of the most influential ranking lists in the world, the 2019 Times Higher Education World University Rankings - with 12 of its 13 universities in the top 200.

After the UK and… read more

A new group of MSc Students started on their journey towards a Master degree at Wittenborg this week, kicking off with three days of orientation activities before starting with their classes on Monday. The new students are from Russia,… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences recently issued certificates to teachers from the ROC Midden-Nederland’s International Business School in Amersfoort for successfully completing a training programme on leadership. The training… read more

On September 25 and 26, a seminar on AACSB standards and processes took place at the University of Mannheim in Germany. In the seminar, participants from business schools and universities in more than 10 countries in Europe and the… read more

An interview with Wittenborg CEO, Maggie Feng, on what has changed for Chinese students coming to Europe in the 40+ years since China first introduced reforms which allowed private study abroad, has been widely published in the Chinese… read more

The Netherlands is known for being more tolerant then most countries when it comes to the use of soft drugs like marijuana, but internationals who come here should not make the mistake of interpreting this as a free-for-all. Wittenborg… read more

Thousands of prospective Russian students attended the Begin Undergrad Education Fairs in Moscow and St Petersburg held over the weekend, where Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences was one many stand holders, receiving hundreds of… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has announced that its IBA (Bachelor) in Financial Services Management has now been accredited by ACCA – the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants – which is a global body for… read more

Wittenborg' Apeldoorn student organisation SWIFT host its annual barbecue for students and staff. SWIFT was established in 2015 and aims to enhance the student experience for all students in general and to help internationals make new… read more

Remembered as "Warm and Welcoming"
Two weeks after starting as a lecturer at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, Dutch academic Jan Arjaan Stapert (55), died suddenly this week at his home in Naarden. There will be a… read more

Students want a city that offers good education, combined with lots of fun on a budget. Amsterdam has just been named as one of the top European cities for full-time students by one of Europe’s leading think tanks, The Class of 2020.… read more

"For Many Companies Corporate Sustainability is Still not a Priority" - Dr Teun Wolters
Four lecturers and one MBA graduate from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences made contributions to a new book on corporate… read more

WUAS attending EAIE in Geneva Switzerland - Orange Parties & Business School Dinners. Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is having a successful week, after ICEF HE it is now attending the EAIE Conference. EAIE is The European… read more

"Universities should Not Accept International Students if they cannot Guarantee Housing" - Wittenborg CEO Maggie Feng. While many Dutch universities are increasingly struggling to house incoming international students, no such problems… read more

ICEF Higher Education Workshop and Partnership Forum 2018 - Safety, Student Accommodation, Language and Affordability Key Factors for student choice.
Wittenborg is attending the ICEF Higher Education Workshop and the Higher… read more

First Project Week of the New Academic Year Kicks Off. Apeldoorn councilor, Nathan Stukker, addressed students from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences on Tuesday morning, kicking off the first Project Week of the new academic… read more

Couple who Worked Together Now Study Together at Wittenborg

The responsibilities of being both married and a full-time student abroad can be difficult to balance.

Among this September’s intake there is at least one married… read more

Staff Capacity Also Boosted. New students from 24 different countries joined the Wittenborg family this week. The new arrivals participated in various activities at its Apeldoorn, Amsterdam and Vienna campuses in preparation for the new… read more



Improving Student Experience will be Priority in New Academic Year. The management of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences unveiled a new slogan on Tuesday at the first general staff meeting of the… read more

New improvements to Introduction Day Programme. A 3-day Introduction Week programme for new students will kick off on Wednesday at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences. International students already started arriving three weeks… read more

Wittenborg Amsterdam graduate starts Social Enterprise. In an economy driven by capitalism, social enterprises are not the sort of businesses you often come across. However, Wittenborg Amsterdam Entrepreneurship graduate Lucas Molenkamp… read more

"The Dutch Government will be Well-Advised to Keep International Students coming to the Netherlands."
Professor Dr Ron Tuninga has been appointed as Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences’ new Vice-President: Academic Affairs.… read more

New Wittenborg Amsterdam location triples its capacity and will provide an improved business incubator for students. Wittenborg Amsterdam will start the academic year at its new location in the Dali Building in the Arena Area, and… read more

Why so many international students are "going Dutch" this year. The Netherlands attracts thousands of international students each year. In 2018, however, there has been an influx of students from abroad never seen before. According to… read more

Wittenborg student is "Study in Holland" new student Ambassador. Wittenborg student, Romeissa Laib, has been granted the opportunity to act as a student ambassador at Study in Holland, starting 5-12 September of this year. The 22-year-… read more

VIENNA, capital of Austria, known for its vibrancy, flair and charm, is one of Europe's most culturally diverse capitals. It is an exciting city to live in, even the BEST in the world to live in, according to a 2018 survey. Wittenborg… read more

Why, as a Phd Student, would you study at bachelor's level? According to Tulya, she was one of the top candidates for a position at Genomescan – a leading Techcentre for Life Sciences in the Netherlands. However, she lacked the… read more

What are the factors influencing international students to study in the Netherlands? We conducted a small survey among our newly graduated internationals who have just received their degrees at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences… read more

Wittenborg alumnus Andrea Echeveste, from Mexico, graduated with an IBA in Tourism Management in 2017. After obtaining her degree, she now works for one of the fastest growing online travel providers in the Netherlands, Travelbird,… read more

Wittenborg MBA graduate Jude Niranjan's thesis on self-driving vehicles in the Netherlands was so impressive that it will be presented as a paper at the 2018 European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics (ECCE) in Utrecht on 5 September.… read more

Double degree? Wittenborg Amsterdam business students show the way.A year of 'hard academic graft' has paid off from Wittenborg's business school students from Amsterdam who have completed the joint degree programme BBA in… read more

Dutch universities are expecting record numbers of international students when the new academic year starts in September, the Dutch financial daily Het Financieel Dagblad (FD) reported this week. The paper even talks of an “explosion”… read more

Four international students from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences just spent a week in Georgia, courtesy of the European Commission's Erasmus + programme where they learned about sustainable practices and what cultural exchange… read more

Wittenborg lecturer, Dr Yasmina Khadir-Poggi, recently presented a paper at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) during the 2018 IFKAD conference. IFKAD stands for the International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics. The theme… read more

At this year’s Summer Graduation Ceremony, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences boasted three honours students – in other words, students who achieved a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 8.0 or higher. All 3 are from developing… read more

When Wittenborg Amsterdam lecturer, Dr Yasmina Khadir-Poggi, recently obtained her PhD from Trinity College Dublin, none other than US presidential candidate and former First Lady, Hillary Clinton, was the guest speaker at her… read more

Technology and how we engage with the digital world is becoming a popular research topic with international students from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences doing their final graduation assignment – from robotics to social media… read more

Students at Wittenborg will benefit from a few logistical changes this summer, which will result in smaller class sizes when the new academic year starts in September. This has been announced by the management of Wittenborg University… read more

From February 2019 top-up IBA students at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences will have an additional option to spend part of their studies in the UK – right in the heart of London’s financial district. Wittenborg has entered into… read more

There was a special cause for celebration at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences’ 2018 Summer Graduation Ceremony on Friday: the university presented its very first graduates from its Amsterdam campus. Wittenborg Amsterdam opened… read more

As the academic year drew to a close on Friday, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences celebrated its latest group of graduates at its 2018 Summer Graduation Ceremony held at the Apeldoorn City Hall. The 44 graduates included three… read more

The use of infographics as a means of assessing students was the topic presented by Wittenborg’s Head of the School of Education, Bert Meeuwsen, and Clare Millington, a senior lecturer at the University of Brighton’s Business School (… read more

Collaborating with key stakeholders is one of Wittenborg's core values. Therefore, as the institution continues to grow and advance, seeking new and top opportunities that are beneficial for its students has been a major priority. Hence… read more

Relations between Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences and the 5-star Hotel de Echoput have deepened significantly over the past year with the hotel now offering a rolling internship to students from Wittenborg. De Echoput is… read more

After water, tea is the most common drink consumed by mankind, but, let’s face it, it does not have the same sexy appeal as coffee. There is no Starbucks equivalent for tea. Enter Wittenborg student Nirusika Ratnasingam, who did her… read more

When the new academic year starts in September, it will also be a new beginning for Wittenborg Amsterdam as its campus will move from its current location on the south bank of the IJ, to the up-and-coming southeast Amsterdam area where… read more

Finding a top company to intern at can be challenging and competitive! However, Wittenborg student Arya Khosravivad has challenged the competition and landed an impressive internship at Merck, a leading pharmaceutical company with one… read more

Student satisfaction levels at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences have remained high over the past year, edging above the national average at Dutch institutions of higher education. This is according to the 2018 National Student… read more

For Wittenborg alumnus Serge Gwabene, starting a social enterprise has been a long-held ambition – even when he was still a student.
Which is why he founded Stichting Codine, a youth empowerment organisation, in the same year he… read more

The Vespa World Days is an annual and unique event for scooter lovers that takes place in a different country each year (next year is Hungary). This event was hosted last weekend in Belfast, with a “Vespa Village” especially constructed… read more

In May 2015, Farhat packed her bags and left Sialkot to move to the Netherlands to pursue her studies in Information Management at Wittenborg.  According to Farhat, Sialkot is a small city that is comparable to Apeldoorn, home of… read more

During the week he is Wittenborg’s student housing coordinator, but, when it comes to the weekend, Karel van der Zande is a qualified glider pilot with 27 years of experience and a love of the freedom offered by the open, blue skies.… read more

It was a proud day for Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences this week when all its International Business Administration programmes (IBA) received the Certificate for Quality in Internationalisation by the European Consortium for… read more

Students at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences' campus in Vienna, Austria, recently visited one of the United Nations' many offices in the city as part of Project Week activities. Vienna serves as one of the UN's four headquarter… read more

What is it like to work at the Ritz-Carlton – the luxury hotel chain synonymous with glamour, refinement and legendary service? Vietnamese student, Ngan Huynh, recently found out when she worked for 6 months at the Ritz-Carlton in… read more

Ten students from 5 different countries took part in Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences' annual field trip to Shanghai this month, returning with a new appreciation of Chinese business culture and way of life. The trip counted as… read more

While the world has grown weary of the armed conflict in Syria, for ordinary Syrians the nightmare continues. To revive interest in their plight, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences’ senior lecturer, Dr Saskia Harkema, has just… read more

After a 5-year decline, business schools around the world have recorded "double digit" growth in the number of applications to and enrolments on MBA programmes, Times Higher Education (THE) has reported. This is based on a study done by… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has recently been granted membership of the Association of MBAs (AMBA) Development Network. AMBA is considered one of the world's leading authorities on postgraduate business education.… read more

Initiated by Wittenborg's chair of the executive board, Peter Birdsall, in collaboration with the institution's UK academic partner, the University of Brighton, the programme commenced in September of last year. It is a one-year… read more

Join Wittenborg's free football pool on 'de Voetbalpoules WK Pool 2018'. On this site you can predict the outcomes of the World Cup 2018. With less than a week to go before the World Cup kicks off in Russia, Wittenborg has launched… read more

At a Partnership Review Event, held yesterday at Falmer Campus of the University of Brighton, plans to launch a Doctoral College at Wittenborg University Apeldoorn were approved by a panel who also carried out a Partnership Review into… read more

The idea that Dutch students are being pushed out of universities by international students is simply not true. This is according to the Dutch Minister of Higher Education, Ingrid van Engelshoven, who presented her much-anticipated… read more

Dutch social enterprise Codine is running an EU-funded Youth Exchange Project in Tbilisi, Georgia, from 20 – 28 July and has 6 places for students from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences to participate. All fees of participants… read more

Several students and alumni of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences were involved in the recently held International Fashion Week in Amsterdam (IFWA). Vietnamese graduate, Trang Ta, who completed her EuroBA degree a mere 4 months… read more

A new Doctoral College in Apeldoorn, to be run jointly by Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences and its British partner, the University of Brighton, is set to raise the small Dutch city's international and research profile. First… read more

More good news for non-EU students studying in the Netherlands! As of this week, they are allowed to work 16 hours a week, instead of only 10. The change was effected in Dutch legislation on Wednesday. It follows an EU-directive from… read more

Dutch students are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to admission to research universities.This is one of the issues brought up in a letter to the Dutch minister of higher education, Ingrid van Engelshoven, which was… read more

As exam invigilator over the past 6 years, Leo Lagerwaard (72), has seen it all: students getting stressed, panicking even, and yes, of course, cheating. “I didn’t learn anything new about human nature that I didn’t already know,” says… read more

Competing against others is easy – you must set your own standards and be the best version of yourself. This is one of the lessons the CEO of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, Maggie Feng, learned early in life from her father… read more

This week WUAS attended the Higher School of Economics International Partners Week, held at its St Petersburg campus to celebrate 20 years of that HSE location. Wittenborg was represented by its Chair, Peter Birdsall. The partnership… read more

With only a few months to go before graduation, Norwegian student, Hanne Garnvik, has just started a franchise business which has the exclusive rights to sell all-natural skin-care products in the Netherlands from award-winning… read more

This May Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has its highest growth in new student intake for the past year. Compared to May last year, student numbers have almost tripled. Percentage wise the growth (184%) was even higher than… read more

In a letter addressed to The Dutch minister of education the management of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, has voiced its concern about the recent spate of “negativity” regarding the recruitment of international students in… read more

The Head of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences’ Business School, Dr Rauf Abdul, attended the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) annual accreditation conference in London this week, where he received… read more

Wittenborg directors Maggie Feng and Peter Birdsall visited the Netherlands Education Support Office (Neso) in Beijing, China, yesterday to discuss recruitment of Chinese students to Dutch universities of applied sciences, and in… read more

Wittenborg CEO, Maggie Feng, was recently one of the speakers at the Cleantech Tomorrow Business Day, which was attended by more than a thousand visitors at the Teuge Airport, close to Apeldoorn. Feng joined entrepreneurs, managers,… read more

Internationally acclaimed rock band Kensington will feature in the opening concert of the annual  Drakenboot Festival this year, taking place in Apeldoorn from 22 - 24 June. All-in-all there will be 7 bands taking part in the… read more

Senior WUAS  lecturer and researcher, Geert de Haan, recently presented a paper on human-robot interaction at a conference on Cognitive Ergonomics in Sweden, where he urged developers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems to… read more

Creating a long-term research agenda is one of the major goals at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences. To realise this goal, Dr Nicolet Theunissen has been appointed as the new Head of Research.Theunissen, a Dutch scientist and… read more

The Netherlands is the perfect country to start a business – yes, even if you are still a student! Since April 2017 international students no longer need to obtain a permit to start their own business – they can work for unlimited hours… read more

From 3 May 2018 international students in the Netherlands will pay considerably less for study permits, as well as post-study permits that grant them one year to look for a job after graduation. In addition, it will also become cheaper… read more

Results for this year’s National Student Survey (NSE) has hit a snag due to the European Union’s new privacy law - the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – which kicks in on 25 May 2018. It is uncertain whether the results will… read more

For the latest Project Week's task, Wittenborg's students had the opportunity of a fun day out excursion to the wonderful Efteling theme park. Afterwards, they were tasked with the writing of reports based on the application of… read more

On 23 May, the Netherlands will implement an EU directive that will make student mobility for non-EU students within Europe considerably easier. Essentially, students from outside Europe who are going to an EU partner university to… read more

Wittenborg Amsterdam reached another milestone this week when it held its first Open Day for prospective students, drawing a number of Dutch students and their parents as well as a French student. Admission officer, Florian Oosterberg,… read more

The Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO) has just re-accredited all Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences’ IBA specialisations for the next 6 years. The decision is valid until 29 March 2024, and the result as well as the… read more

Even the weather played along when MSc students from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences made their way to the UK this weekend. All-in-all, 12 students from 10 different countries took part in the annual trip, which included a… read more

I recently had the pleasure of accompanying my cousin, writer and artist Ben Birdsall, as he travelled to Ireland to do some last-minute research for his new book: "Whiskey Burn – the Distilleries of Ireland by Vespa". It is shortly to be… read more

Pupils from KSG Apeldoorn came to Wittenborg last week to learn about cultural diversity and share their own ideas about what makes them typically Dutch – such as the 3-kiss greeting!

With students from 162 different nationalities studying in the Netherlands, the increasing diversity in the country’s student population has been welcomed by Nuffic, the Dutch agency promoting internationalism in higher education. “It… read more

One of Wittenborg’s core values is to build and maintain relationships around the world, and visiting these countries on a regular basis is instrumental in doing just that. Wittenborg started collaborating with its Macedonian local… read more

When Wittenborg opened its first international campus in Vienna in 2017 it also opened the opportunity for students to study in two different countries – the Netherlands and Austria! First-year bachelor's degree students who want to do… read more

Top graduates Maike Nuyken and Marius Zürcher will return to Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in April to do an MBA in Hospitality Management after launching a start-up and gaining lots of business experience along the way.… read more

New students from 14 different countries will start their studies at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences on Tuesday after the Easter holiday break. Among them are five MBA students, including two entrepreneurs, Maike Nuyken and… read more

Wittenborg is proud that one of its students, Witney Laizer, has been chosen as a student ambassador for Study in Holland! Witney, who is from Tanzania, received the good news last week from Metcheld Bous, communications officer of… read more

Attending classes is an important ingredient for attaining success in your studies, research at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands has shown. The two researchers, Patrick Bijsmans and Arjan Schakel, published their findings… read more

The Student World Fair is a “one-stop-shop” opportunity for UK students to study abroad. On March 16 – 18, the event hosted more than 50 universities from around the world, with over 500 attendees in London and in Manchester. Ranked as… read more

Over 70% of study abroad consultants and agents say that there is an increased interest in the Netherlands as a study destination, according to a Wittenborg University Press survey carried out during the 2018 ICEF Moscow Workshop held this week… read more

The 5-star De Echoput Hotel & Restaurant in Apeldoorn had such a positive experience with a student from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences that it wants to continue cooperating with the institution. Vietnamese student, Trang… read more

According to Tim, Vietnam has been a very significant addition to Wittenborg’s internationally diverse environment. Wittenborg has dealt regularly with Vietnam and built up relationships with local country representatives, which has… read more



Last 7th March, eve of International Women’s Day, The Boschvijver Restaurant in Apeldoorn hosted the 2018 Powerwomen Award, a prestigious annual prize awarded to women from the region who have shown exceptional ability and drive. The… read more

Applications are open for Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences’ new Master of Arts in Education programme, starting in October 2018. It is open for working students from the Netherlands as well as international students. It… read more

Students studying Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences’ MBA in International Management will now be able to follow modules or even part of modules at either its Amsterdam or Vienna campus – making it a truly international Master of… read more

Wittenborg’s Spanish language teacher, Mariví Martínez Brocca, recently attended the Congress for Teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language (Evento práctico de profesores de ELE) in Utrecht. Brocca joined Wittenborg University… read more

The Netherlands is still in the Top 5 of countries ranked the best choices for international students wanting to study full-time degrees in Europe. In the 2018 edition of the Study.EU Country Ranking it enjoys an overall 4th place. It… read more

Musita recently started working for one of the top-ten logistics companies in the world, XPO Logistics. While still a student, he interned at leading Dutch fashion house Supertrash last year, and also worked at Wittenborg as an… read more

Wittenborg University Press (WUP) Sales & Marketing Assistant, Rousanna Baird, got her first taste of a drinks trade fair last weekend promoting "Whisky Burn – Distilleries of Scotland by Vespa". The hardback book is published by… read more

The Dutch government is taking a hard look at the outcomes of its current policies around international higher education, improving oversight, the value it derives from its investment in… read more

The ball was organised by the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, a postgraduate professional school, dedicated to preparing talented men and women for positions of leadership and international careers. Wittenborg’s Hospitality Business… read more

Meet 'Team Wittenborg' at the annual Education Fair in Vienna - we are there until Sunday! The team has been talking to many students interested in an international management degree and is looking forward to meeting you too! Come and meet us at… read more

After a remarkable career in Sri Lanka, Lasantha de Silva, an alumnus of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences and its former Education Operations Manager, is back in the Netherlands. De… read more

It is always a proud moment to hear of the successes of Wittenborg alumni – one of those is Dutch graduate, Raymon Driessen. He graduated with an IBA in Entrepreneurship & Small Business from Wittenborg in February 2016 and has not… read more

The Netherlands reigns supreme in Europe when it comes to internet access at home, the Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) revealed this weekend. In 2017, 98% of Dutch households had internet access – beating other high-ranking… read more

If you think of popular holiday destinations, Pakistan probably does not spring to mind. However, Wittenborg graduate, Jawaid Waleed, wants to change this. He did research and wrote his graduation assignment on the rise of ethno-tourism… read more

Wittenborg's latest Master of Science graduates received their formal degrees on Friday at the University of Brighton's 2018 Winter Graduation Ceremony in the UK. Wittenborg offers its MSc programmes in conjunction with Brighton. Wittenborg's… read more

The management of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has written to the Dutch Ministry of Education to voice its dismay over the University of Groningen’s decision to abandon its plans to offer full degree programmes in China, noting the… read more

Alderman Johan Kruithof, city councillor of Apeldoorn, inspired graduates on Friday as the guest speaker at Wittenborg's 2018 Winter Graduation Ceremony. In his speech, he reminded graduates that they have a voice which they can use as… read more

A total of 60 new students from at least 24 nationalities started their classes at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences on Monday morning, representing a 20% growth from February last year, and putting the institution on track for… read more

With great pride, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences sent off its latest group of master's and bachelor's degree graduates at its 2018   Winter Graduation Ceremony on Friday. “I truly believe that having graduated from… read more

Wittenborg’s annual student trip to China’s biggest city, Shanghai, will take place from 1 – 10 June, 2018. Registration for students who want to come along has just been opened. Meanwhile, we spoke to Nigerian student Mukadas Kolawole… read more

A representative of the Indonesian Embassy in the Netherlands visited Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences recently to discuss cooperation between the parties on Worldproef Day – hosted by Indonesia this year, on 1 July 2018.

Not only graduates, but all students are more than welcome to celebrate Witttenborg's 2018 Winter Graduation Ceremony on Friday, 9 February, at the Apeldoorn City Hall from 13.30. It promises to be a grand event with more than 21… read more

Not even this weekend's freezing weather deterred students and staff from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences to take part in the 2018 Midwinter 'Marathon' of 8km on Sunday. Together with over 14 thousand other participants, they… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has always had a high number of African students. With this in mind, Wittenborg’s international sales director, Tim Birdsall, attended the 2018  Vienna Africa Day, held this week in the… read more

The number of international students in the Netherlands hit an all-time high last year, most of whom came from Germany – so much so, that it recently led the rector of the University of Amsterdam to question the desirability of this.… read more

One of Wittenborg Vienna’s key success factors the past year has been its Project Weeks – an opportunity for international students to interact with real, local businesses and get work experience throughout the year. Its latest Project… read more

This week Wittenborg programme coordinators paid a working visit to the University of Brighton, visiting three campuses - the business… read more

The Netherlands is now in the top 10 of countries that do well in attracting, training and retaining international talent. This came to light in the Global Competitive Talent Index published by INSEAD Business School as the World Economic Forum… read more

Prospective MBA students seem to favour a 1-year study programme above the traditional 2-year MBA studies, a survey by London-based consultants CarringtonCrisp and the European Foundation for Management Development has found. 

They… read more

When it came to choosing a university, Dutch student Eefje Slootweg, did not stray far from her hometown, Apeldoorn, after attending one of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences’ Open Days in 2017. 

“I chose Wittenborg because it is a… read more

South Korean student, Junyeong Shin, played for professional football teams in France and Germany, including the u17 team of the successful French club, Lyon, before enrolling for an IBA in Sport Business Management at… read more

The 2018 National Student Survey (NSE) kicks off on 15 January, giving all students in the Netherlands the opportunity to make their voices heard by sharing their study experiences, including students studying at Wittenborg University of Applied… read more

Wittenborg Bracing itself for Brexit in 2018 while striving to be a "Benchmark" for Internationalisation in Dutch Education

In 2018, Wittenborg will build on its phenomenal successes of 2017, which includes being ranked one of Holland's top small… read more

Dutch universities deliver high-quality education, a newly published fact-sheet by the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) has shown.

It highlights the fact that the number of lecturers with a University Teaching… read more

After the success of his first book, Whisky Burn - Distilleries of Scotland by Vespa, Wittenborg writer Ben Birdsall has just finished the draft for his second book, which this time explores the distilleries of Ireland. It will be published in… read more

Following on from a visit to China last year, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has entered into an inter-institutional agreement of cooperation with the Weifang University of Science and Technology in Shandong, China.

The… read more

Want to pursue a master's degree in education? Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is pleased to announce that from September 2018 it will offer a Master of Arts (MA) in Education, drawing closer to its goal of creating a broad management… read more

This is the time of year when we all look forward to a few festive days, away from the incredibly busy lives we all lead, looking back at what has gone, preparing for what is to come… read more

This week, students and staff have enjoyed Christmas drinks and snacks at the different locations in the Netherlands and Austria. CEO Maggie Feng joined students in Amsterdam for the Christmas party, and chair Peter Birdsall visited students in… read more

The Dutch parliament (Tweede Kamer) has accepted a motion calling for the government to facilitate a new action plan dealing with housing for international students in conjunction with other stakeholders, Nuffic reports. The Netherlands is… read more

“I don’t want to leave!” Chinese student Zhang Yutong exclaimed, as she and her fellow students from the Shanghai Business School enjoyed their last day at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, after a weeklong visit to the Netherlands. They… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences was commended on the Dutch public broadcaster NPO Radio 1 for its “innovative” approach to  education and for successfully creating a truly international institute of higher education where different… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences’ main education partner, the University of Brighton in the UK, recently won a Times Higher Education Award – generally considered the “Oscars” of British education.

Alice Fox, lecturer and Deputy… read more

Wittenborg alumnus and writer Anesca Smith recently started her own clothing brand We Be Sisters which sells hand-made, African-inspired clothes for women.

Anesca, how did you get started with your clothing brand? "I have always adored… read more

Wittenborg lecturer Dr Muhammad Ashfaq has a new book out: “Islamic Banking and Finance in Europe: The Case of Germany and the United Kingdom”.

Ashfaq said the book is the first one comparing Islamic banking in the two countries, and… read more

Wittenborg students recently had the privilege to get some career advice from Paralympic coach Dr Gary Brickley who knows all about what it takes to win gold at a top international level. 

Brickley gave a seminar at Wittenborg’s… read more

The growth spurt in student numbers that Wittenborg has experienced in 2017 seems set to continue right to the end of the year, with a steady growth of around 15% student numbers overall.

Yesterday, Wittenborg registrar, Santosh Aryal,… read more

Project Week at Wittenborg’s campus in Vienna is always an awesome affair!

This Project Week, students had an exclusive tour of the Vienna Zoo Schonbrunn  - which at 260 years of age is the oldest zoo in the world. And to boot, it is… read more

by Peter Birdsall, Chair of the Executive Board, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences

I was privileged today to be asked to speak at the memorial service for our (Wittenborg's) Academic Dean, Dr Jacques Kaat, who sadly passed away… read more

In a close race, the CEO of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, Maggie Feng, was named runner-up for the prestigious 2017 EZVN Business Award on Saturday night at a gala event in Rotterdam. The event was attended by many dignitaries in the… read more

They say great leaders choose their leadership style like a golfer chooses his or her club – with a calculated analysis of the matter at hand. As the Academic Dean at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, Dr Jacques Kaat chose to lead with… read more

When you do an MBA in Energy and Clean Technology at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences there are ample opportunities in the Netherlands for employment in the sector.

This was illustrated by the innovation manager at Rabobank Noord… read more

Wittenborg writer Ben Birdsall’s book Whisky Burn drew lots of interest at the international Whisky Live 2017 Fair in The Hague this weekend, attended by thousands of whisky lovers.  

The event… read more

The Netherlands has just completed a whole week of events to celebrate its international students. "The Week of the International Student' lasted from 13 – 17 November.

And that is no surprise given that they are everywhere – more than 100… read more

"Equality and internationalisation is the norm, not the exception at Wittenborg," the university's chair of the executive board, Peter Birdsall, said at its 30th anniversary gala this weekend.

Birdsall thanked the university's multi-… read more

Higher education is one of the Netherlands’s major exports, but it has to import young talent and that is why educators like Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences are so important.

This is according to Paul Zevenbergen, an executive… read more

'Wittenborg proves that private universities and internationalisation play a very important role in the Dutch higher education system', the director-general of Nuffic, Freddy Weima believes.

Weima was a guest speaker at Wittenborg's 30th… read more

Wittenborg University 30th Anniversary Gala! An event to remember!   Wittenborg celebrated its 30th anniversary in style - a gala evening of speeches, entertainment, music and good company! Want to see more pictures? - go to our… read more

A group of Wittenborg Students and Staff entertained guests at #WTBG30 – Wittenborg’s 30th anniversary gala with a magnificent attempt at the opening dance – a Viennese Waltz – to emphasis Wittenborg’s newly opened location in Vienna. See this… read more

New MSc student, Theo Nagel, is a shining example of lifelong development.

Nagel has worked for about 40 years in the tourism industry and for almost 10 years as a lecturer to MBA students at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in… read more

From 13 - 15 November the NXTLVL Education Fair takes place in Apeldoorn. Wittenborg student Anne-Lotte Keijzer was interviewed for the NXTLVL newspaper about her experience as a Dutch student at an international institute of higher education.… read more

On Tuesday 7 November, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences will say goodbye to Indonesia after spending a packed week visiting high schools and education fairs, meeting educators, agents and officials in various parts of the country.

read more

Wittenborg CEO, Maggie Feng, is one of two finalists in the running for the Netherlands’ 2017 Ethnic Business Woman of the Year Award. The winner will be announced at a prestigious Gala Event on 25 November.

The other finalist is Eveline… read more

A politician from Apeldoorn is part of the new Dutch cabinet announced by premier Mark Rutte last weekend.

Paul Blokhuis (53), from the ChristenUnie (CU), will be secretary of state for health, social services and sport. He is one of three… read more

Wittenborg provided a mixture of entertainment and serious examples of how to engage and motivate an audience today in a seminar given by Tim Birdsall at ICEF Berlin 2017.

The presentation focused on the soft skills required to present,… read more

A delegation of the Chinese embassy in the Netherlands recently visited Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences where they met with Wittenborg CEO, Maggie Feng, to discuss among other things collaboration with other institutes of higher… read more

The Netherlands has gained a new ambassador for internationalism in higher education with the appointment of Ingrid van Engelshoven as the new Dutch minister of higher education, culture and science.

This is good news for Wittenborg… read more

Wittenborg had one of its highest 4th quarter intakes this week with more than 50 new students who started their classes on Monday (Block 2), after participating in Introduction Week activities over the past few days.

Wittenborg registrar… read more

Wittenborg CEO, Maggie Feng, recently met with four students from the Entrepreneurship Academy in Romania who were on a visit to the Netherlands as part of an exchange trip with Team Academy. The Academy, an international school for… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has a new external relations officer.

Bert Meeuwsen, senior lecturer at Wittenborg and head academic supervisor, has been appointed in the position, effective from 1 October. He will take over some… read more

From 13 – 17 November the Netherlands will celebrate the Week of the International Student.

International students in the Netherlands are estimated to contribute €1.57 billion annually to the Dutch treasury. Almost 40% stay on after… read more

Academic staff at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences this week started on their Master's-level Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning.

The training will be offered over a period of 3 semesters by lecturers from Wittenborg… read more

Students from Wittenborg had the unique opportunity to meet a range of business people at a recently held conference of the education sector, ICT and manufacturing industry.

The event was co-organised by Wittenborg University of Applied… read more

This week Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences welcomed its latest group of MSc students from all over the world for three packed days of orientation. Their academic year will officially start on 9 October when classes commence.

The… read more

Important step towards more transparency will bring benefits to Wittenborg and its students.

On October 3, 2017, the Netherlands Parliament's First Chamber approved the connection of private higher education to 'BRON' (the Basic Register of… read more

It is with deep sadness that Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has announced the passing away of one of its international students, Ekaterina Zhuravleva.

Ekaterina, from Russia, died in early September at the age of 21 years after… read more

Ten years after the financial crisis, the Netherlands has emerged as the 4th most competitive economy in the world.

This is according to the latest World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Index which ranks 137 economies by their… read more

Students at Wittenborg Vienna headed for a posh 5-star hotel, the Park Hyatt Vienna, for their first Project Week activity. The group was led by the director of Wittenborg Vienna, Dr Alexander Bauer and Luise Wagner, the project week lecturer in… read more

The Netherlands is in the Top 10 of countries that best prepare their students for the future, a new study has revealed.

These are countries deemed to have the most “effective” education systems, according to the Worldwide Educating for… read more

Wittenborg has been ranked as one of the top Universities of Applied Sciences (HBO) in the Netherlands by Keuzegids HBO 2018 – an annual report comparing the quality of HBO’s in the country.   

Wittenborg earned the 4th highest… read more

This week Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences officially turned 30 years old!

Students and staff celebrated the milestone event on Thursday at its 3 European locations in Apeldoorn, Amsterdam and Vienna. A formal celebration will… read more


Today 21 September 2017, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences celebrates a great milestone - 30 years of providing quality… read more

Barely two weeks after Kamicha Gumbs left her home in St Maarten to study at Wittenborg Amsterdam, Hurricane Irma hit the Dutch-French Caribbean island, wreaking havoc and leaving thousands destitute.

She couldn’t make contact with her… read more

While the Dutch student Union LsVB has made an urgent call that more accommodation be made available for international students in the Netherlands, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is one step ahead – it has just announced more rooms for… read more

Good news! Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is making more student housing available for its international students in the Netherlands after renovating a former office building in the heart of Apeldoorn and transforming it into spacious… read more

The Dutch made their presence felt at the 2017 EAIE conference for international education in Seville this week – of the 5,750 participants about 10% are Dutch!

And of course, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is in attendance,… read more

Wittenborg attended the ICEF Higher Education Agent Workshop and the Higher Education Forum, that brought together over 60 higher education institutions in discussions about partnerships and university collaboration.   With agents from… read more

The Netherlands is once again one of the top performing countries in the 2018 Times Higher Education World University Rankings with the 4th highest number of universities in the Top 100.

However, with many Asian countries closing in for… read more

Students neglecting to register for exams and those who regularly skip classes will have to face the music in the new academic year.

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has just published its Education & Examination Guides (EEG)… read more

Armed with a master's degree from Wittenborg and tons of experience in the hotel industry, Wittenborg alumnus Nikos Anthrakidis recently opened his own boutique hotel Be My Guest in the heart of Athens’ historic centre.

Formerly he worked… read more

Gert Meijer, the interim dean of Wittenborg Amsterdam, will leave this position after his term ended this month . "We are very grateful for the help and assistance he has lent to Wittenborg Amsterdam during this period," Wittenborg's chair of the… read more

We are pleased to announce that the Education & Examination Guides for the bachelor's IBA, EBA and HBA programmes have been updated and published online.

 Education & Examination Guide Bachelor Programmes International Business… read more

New student intake at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences rose by 15% this year.

“It is one of our most diverse group of students so far,” said Wittenborg registrar, Santosh Aryal. The new students are from at least 24 different… read more

Ramping up academic quality and improving student experience will be some of the main priorities in the new academic year at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences.

This is according to the chair of executive board, Peter Birdsall, who… read more

“After much consideration, Timo Timmerman, founding father of Wittenborg Amsterdam, is stepping down on the 1st of October 2017. Recuperating from major surgery following a heart attack, Timo has decided against returning to the rigours of a… read more

When Chinese student Meng Fu started looking for internship opportunities around Amsterdam this summer, she hardly dreamed of landing a job at the 5-star Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Amsterdam.

Yet, this is exactly where Fu will start from 1… read more

Wittenborg MSc student, Gaby Padilla, has secured a top-notch internship at a major multinational company hailed for its innovation in producing electric vehicles and rechargeable batteries.

BYD – which stands for “Build Your Dream” – is… read more

With only a few days left before the opening of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences’ new campus in Vienna, Austria, excitement about the big day is spilling over. The official opening is on Monday, 28 August.

Dr Alexander Bauer, who… read more

Want to study in the Netherlands, but confused about the Dutch higher education system? With the new academic year beckoning, we separate fact from fiction to make your decision easier:

1. At the last count, the Netherlands still boasted… read more

The Netherlands is the 4th best country in Europe when it comes to innovation, according to the recently published 2017 European Innovation Scoreboard. The ranking is based on data collected in 2016 and compiled by the European Commission.

read more

The incumbent Dutch minister of higher education, Jet Bussemaker, has urged institutions of higher education to pay more attention to the intercultural skills of students and lecturers, and to make sure the latter are well equipped to teach in… read more

How do international students at Wittenborg define success? We asked a few of our graduates at the recent 2017 Summer Graduation Ceremony to share their thoughts on the subject and got some interesting answers:

Sabah Parveen from Hong Kong… read more

After a successful research period at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, the institute has appointed Kriszta Rostás as its new education and quality support officer, thereby investing more resources in quality improvements.

Kriszta… read more

The influx of refugees to Europe is a fact, but how do governments ease the financial burden on themselves and make these refugees economically independent?

This pressing, contemporary issue is explored by Wittenborg graduate, Eshban Jan… read more

For Wittenborg graduate Zuwang Chen it was love at first sight: He saw a romantic movie which was shot in the Netherlands and he knew he wanted to study here.

Chen, who is from China, graduated with a Bachelor degree (IBA) in Economics… read more

“You’ve heard about slow food? This is slow drinking.”

This is how Wittenborg writer, Ben Birdsall, described his round-trip along the Irish coast the past 3 weeks cruising at 40km an hour on his 1979 Vespa while visiting whisky… read more

With more than 112 000 international students studying in the Netherlands annually, finding good accommodation and keeping it can sometimes be a problem.

Which is why the Dutch Student Union (LSVb) and the Erasmus Student Network has now… read more

Indonesian student Bertha Tanaem is so enamored by the Netherlands’ bicycle culture that she wants to re-introduce it back in Indonesia’s logistic industry, starting in her home-town Surabaya, in East-Java.

“Logistics is my passion,” says… read more

All Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences’ IBA specializations has just been re-accredited for the next 7 years by the German, Austrian, Swiss Accrediting body (FIBAA) following a rigorous assessment process earlier this year. That means that… read more

The Netherlands, Germany, Malaysia are among the countries with the most supportive policies when it comes to International Higher Education, a report by the British Council has just found.

These countries show strong government support… read more

By this week Wittenborg writer Ben Birdsall will be almost halfway through his tour of the whiskey distilleries of Ireland – as research for the sequel to his well-received travelogue to the distilleries of Scotland, “Whisky Burn” which was… read more

Doing a master's degree and working full-time is not for the fainthearted!

Yet, Wittenborg MSc-graduate Myra Qiu managed to balance work, study and life perfectly the past two years. On Friday, she reaped the rewards when she attained her… read more

Wittenborg’s top IBA-graduate this semester is German student, Vicky Roth, who passed her degree with honours. In the Netherlands, the highest number of international students come from Germany – in the 2016-2017 academic year there were almost… read more

On Friday 14 July Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences honoured its latest group of international graduates during the 2017 Summer Graduation Ceremony at the Apeldoorn City Hall – the same venue where it will celebrate its 30th anniversary… read more

In 2015, the Netherlands was ranked the most charity-friendly country in the world. This was the cue for Canadian graduate, Su Ha, to investigate in her bachelor's degree thesis to what extent non-profit organisations (NPOs) in the country have… read more

The Netherlands might be 9 times smaller than Germany, but it punches way above its weight in Europe’s international education arena, as just highlighted by the Times Higher Education's Europe University Rankings 2017.

After the UK, the… read more

If you are looking for an international education, come to Holland! The country is being hailed as one of Europe’s strongest international education hubs in the esteemed British weekly, the Times Higher Education.

When it comes to its… read more

Preparations are on track for the celebration of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences’ 30th anniversary on 10 November, 2017.

The gala event which promises an unforgettable night of live entertainment, dancing, drinks and snacks, will… read more

As a sequel to his well-received travelogue/guide to the distilleries of Scotland, “Whisky Burn”, published by Wittenborg University Press, Ben Birdsall is set to embark upon the ‘sequel’ – the distilleries of Ireland.

Where are you going… read more

Wittenborg’s main partner-institute, the University of Brighton in the UK, has been awarded a silver rating for the quality of its teaching in the 2017 Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).

The TEF is a government-backed assessment of… read more

It’s a party! Wittenborg teamed up with its neighbouring institutes - Saxion University of Applied Sciences and the Apeldoorn Fotovakschool - on Friday evening for a pre-summer barbecue.

The Summer Jam Party was attended by about 100… read more

Makers and manufacturers gathered at the Robotics Experience Centre in Almelo on Friday to listen to Wittenborg and other RECap-partners explain the growing relevance of robotics in production processes, and how they can apply it to their own… read more

Wittenborg’s chair of the executive board, Peter Birdsall, was in Olympic-city, Sochi, in Russia, on Wednesday to discuss a possible academic partnership between Wittenborg and the Russian International Olympic University.

Sochi shot to… read more

The Netherlands is famous for its cycling culture and recently one of Wittenborg’s students, Bertha Tanaem, had the opportunity to volunteer at the world’s largest cycling conference – the 2017 Velo-City conference. It took place in Arnhem and… read more

Dutch universities are one step closer to offering full degree programmes abroad after the Transnational Education Bill was approved in the Dutch Senate (Eerste Kamer). It sailed through the House of Representatives in February this year.

read more

This week Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences hosted yet another successful Information Webinar with prospective students from all over the world.

The purpose of the Information Webinar was to inform prospective students about… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is pleased to announce it has just been awarded the NRTO Quality Mark – an important benchmark recognizing the quality and professionalism of an institution in the field of private education.

The… read more

Imagine a life where you wake up every single morning inspired. Japanese even has a word for it – ikigai – which means a reason to live.

That is the philosophy behind Wittenborg student Ritchie Doove’s company, Crabstick Media, that helps… read more

Is Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences about to get its own football team?

Recently, on Ascension Day, several Wittenborg students and alumni who still live in Apeldoorn got together to play in the Serious Street Soccer Tournament –… read more

Students at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences conduct scientific research that spans across many areas – including topics which address present-day challenges. Which is exactly what Nigerian student Stanley Okoli had in mind when he… read more

Studying entrepreneurship at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences means students get the opportunity to earn a double degree - the Bachelor in Entrepreneurial Business Administration (EBA) – from Wittenborg as well as the University of… read more

Wittenborg looks back at another successful workshop event at Neso Russia

After the successful workshop event last May in Brazil, this month Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences travelled to Moscow to give another powerful workshop on… read more

A discussion has arisen in the UK about the introduction of so-called ‘fast track’ degrees, and even Wittenborg has been asked to consider its opinion on these by colleagues at the University of Brighton. The UK government plans to allow… read more

Mexican student Maru Lizarraga had been running her own dance academy for five years when she joined Wittenborg Amsterdam last year to do an IBA in Entrepreneurship & Small Business. “All that time I was running my business intuitively, but… read more

Representatives from Wuhan Business University in China visited Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences this week for further talks on cooperation opportunities between the two institutes.

Discussions focused on a top-up study programme… read more

Apeldoorn, the city where Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is located, is in the top 10 of the happiest places to live in the Netherlands.

This is according to the Atlas voor Gemeenten, an annual publication, which compares the 50… read more

Three years of hard work have paid off for Wittenborg lecturer, Muhammad Ashfaq, who recently completed his PhD in Finance, defending his thesis at Tübingen University in Germany (on a cooperative PhD program between Coburg University of Applied… read more

Any international university, or college, must have strong support systems for its international students coming to study abroad, or local students going for a period of study or work placement in another country.

But it doesn’t just end… read more

Which universities in the Netherlands are keeping their students the happiest?

The results from the 2017 National Student Survey (NSE 2017) show that student satisfaction levels at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has not only… read more

Which universities in the Netherlands are keeping their students the happiest?

The results from the 2017 National Student Survey (NSE 2017) show that student satisfaction levels at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has not only… read more

Australian graduate Katharine Smith wants to use the education she got at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences to help restaurants better human and environmental health in their day-to-day business.

Smith graduated from Wittenborg in… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences made its first trip to Brazil this month where the institute’s international sales director, Tim Birdsall, talked to select groups about the quality and attractiveness of Dutch higher education for… read more

For Dutch universities of applied sciences wishing to attract Chinese students it is key to form long-term relationships with Chinese institutes of higher education.

This is the advice from Charles Hoedt, director of the Netherlands… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences wants its international students to contribute to society by making an impact on the Dutch economy or the economy of their home country.

So says Wittenborg’s chair of the executive board, Peter… read more

Non-EU students and researchers in the Netherlands are now officially allowed to form their own start-ups while studying.

This is good news for all students doing a broad business degree at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences who… read more

With various joint programmes delivered in the Netherlands with the University of Brighton, Wittenborg is essentially also an offshore campus for Brighton. Currently, the two institutes offer four UK master's, in hospitality, tourism, event… read more

On Friday, 5 May 2017, the Dutch marks Liberation Day. Many institutes of higher education will be closed for the day, including Wittenborg's Aventus Building at Laan van Menserechten 500 in Apeldoorn.

However, as many of Wittenborg's… read more

Beijing Dongcheng Vocational University, based in the Dongcheng district of China's capital city is predominantly focused on adult learning and also hosts the local Community College as well as the local branch of the Beijing Open University.… read more

On Tuesday Wittenborg directors Peter Birdsall and Maggie Feng paid a visit to the Netherlands Education Support Office (Neso) China at its headquarters in Beijing. They met Neso director Charles Hoedt and his team to discuss the promotion… read more

With more than 28,000 businesses in the Stedendriehoek, the region where Apeldoorn is located, internship possibilities for students from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences abound.

One of the students who recently benefitted is… read more

What differentiates one hotel room from the next in a time when authenticity is everything?

"It’s all about creating a unique experience", Wittenborg’s hospitality students heard when they recently visited the Lloyd Hotel and Cultural… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences features prominently in a new marketing campaign by the Apeldoorn Gemeente in promoting the city as a great place to study, to do business and to relax.

If you walk or cycle past the city hall in… read more

Rwandese student, Alexis Musita, is going where no other Wittenborg student has gone before - to do two IBA specialisations almost simultaneously.

Alexis plans to graduate with a Bachelor IBA in Logistics & International Trade as well… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has expressed concern about a possible bias against the promotion of Dutch universities of applied sciences in China.

For the second year in a row, Wittenborg has not received any incoming students… read more

Thanks to a great team of collaborators, Wittenborg’s brand new brochures are finally here!

They have already been showcased in Moscow at the recent ICEF Education Fair, and in China during Wittenborg CEO Maggie Feng’s trade mission… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has taken the first step towards gaining accreditation from the prestigious Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International) – an American professional organization focused on… read more

Wittenborg’s senior communications officer, Sinem Gulsen, re-joined the company after an absence of 6 years. In an interview she discusses her work and describes her experience of being of Turkish descent in the Netherlands amid strained… read more

More than 112,000 international students studied in the Netherlands during the 2016-17 academic year – the highest number ever recorded in the country’s history. Of these, 72% (81,392) were enrolled for a full Bachelor or Master degree programme… read more

In a recent trade mission to China, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences made agreements with no less than 5 institutes of higher education, and played a major facilitating role in opening more doors for cooperation between China and the… read more

Dear students, as you probably know Wittenborg will have a new campus in Vienna, https://campus.univie.ac.at/en/home/, starting next college year. We like to have a grand official opening Friday 1 September 2017 in Vienna with as many students… read more

After the UK officially started its departure from the EU on Wednesday, the country looks set to pursue its transnational education activities with renewed vigour.

This follows barely a month after the Dutch House of Representatives… read more

Wittenborg has had its programmes recognised by the Austrian Accreditation authorities as Dutch degrees that can be offered in Austria.

Although the Netherlands and Austria have agreements to recognised each other's degrees, it is still… read more

The first round in a series of quality audits of Wittenborg University’s Bachelor of Business Administration programmes in 2017 will take place this week with a 3-day site visit from a quality assurance agency to Wittenborg’s Apeldoorn campus.… read more

In September 2015, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences started to offer its IBA programme in Entrepreneurship & Small Business to Amsterdam, opening its first location outside Apeldoorn.

Now, 18 months later, student numbers at… read more

Senior staff of the Nantong Vocational University in China made a flying visit to Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences on Monday, as part of a 4-day trip to the Netherlands to explore cooperation possibilities between the two institutes in… read more

After two years of heated political debate, Dutch universities might finally be able to offer full degree programmes abroad.

On their last day in parliament before the Dutch Election, the majority of political parties in the House of… read more

All hail the Dutch! The Netherlands woke up as the darling of Europe this morning after yesterday’s election results showed a clear win for the centre-right VVD party, thereby defeating Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam and anti-EU PVV, which has been… read more

The question about immigrants is one of the key issues in Wednesday’s Dutch election. With that in mind, we asked international students from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences just how welcome they feel in Holland, and about the level of… read more

When the Dutch go to vote on Wednesday, 15 March, the management of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences will be following the outcome of the election carefully: As an international, private institute of higher education, its operations are… read more

Members of the National Commission guarding the interests of international students in the Netherlands paid an informal visit to Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences on Wednesday morning. Almost 90% of Wittenborg's students are international… read more

This weekend Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences will be sponsoring the theoretical exams for gliding of the Royal Dutch Society for Aviation (KNVVL) in the Gelderland province.

The exams are to take place on Saturday, 11 March, at… read more

The Dutch just love to work! A new study has found that the Dutch are the most satisfied workforce in Europe - a staggering 76% of people in the Netherlands are happy with their careers. In contrast, the UK has the highest number of dissatisfied… read more

Nigerian students at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences have expressed relief about the decision by Nigeria’s Central Bank (CBN) to provide additional foreign exchange to students to pay study fees and other expenses abroad after suffering… read more

Wittenborg CEO, Maggie Feng, will be part of a high-level trade mission going to China next month, along with representatives of the Gelderland province, Apeldoorn and the Full Sport Group (FSG), to open more doors for cooperation in sport… read more

Foreign students cannot vote in the coming Dutch Election on 15 March 2017, but that does not mean they should not care. The outcome of the election might have an effect on government policy affecting international students. 

Also,… read more

This semester Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences’ top Bachelor student is from Eritrea, a country in the Horn of Africa.

Despite some personal setbacks, Asfaha Fanuel managed to pass with honours.  He obtained his degree… read more

Master's students from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences enjoyed not one, but two company visits last week to give them insight into the various approaches of tourism operators in the Gelderland region.

The students visited a… read more

How do you snag an internship at one of the top luxury brands in the world?

Just ask Wittenborg student, Maggie (Yujing) Zhang, who recently did her work placement at Sotheby’s International Realty, one of the world’s largest brokers of… read more

Wittenborg University Press’s latest publication has been attracting coverage in the international press.  Ben Birdsall’s Whisky Burn – Distilleries of Scotland by Vespa was released last year at a gala launch at the Amsterdam campus, in the… read more

More than 50 new students from at least 21 nationalities will start their classes at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences on Monday.

On Wednesday the early arrivals enjoyed lunch with members of staff, including registrar Santosh… read more

The latest group of graduates from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences were urged to be “ambassadors of internationalism and tolerance” during the 2017 Winter Graduation ceremony on Friday.

Wittenborg’s chair of the executive board,… read more

With international students making up 89% of its student body, is Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences the most international institute of higher education in the Netherlands? 

New data by Nuffic - the… read more

If you have recently visited Wittenborg’s Spoorstraat location in Apeldoorn, you might have noticed the front of the building is currently getting a major renovation which is close to completion.

Despite the drab weather, workmen could be… read more

In just over a month, on 15 March 2017, the Dutch will go to voting polls – thereby kicking off a year of crucial elections in Europe amidst a rise in far-right sentiments on the continent, which could have far-reaching implications for… read more

As of the beginning of this year, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has a new International Sales Director, Tim Birdsall, who has been a sales trainer for 15 years, consulting for companies like IBM and many others.

Birdsall, who… read more

When Wittenborg opens its new campus in Vienna, Austria, in September it will be headed by Dr Alexander Bauer who will be its new Campus Director. Bauer, a German who has been living in Vienna for 11 years, joined Wittenborg’s academic staff in… read more

When you have alumni from all over the world, as Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences does, it can be hard to stay in touch and keep track of graduates’ professional progress.

Which is why Wittenborg - now in its 30th year - has… read more

As if full-time studies are not demanding enough, IBA-student, Jenny Chen, is also running her own fashion line Jencee Collection, which sells women’s clothes, shoes and accessories.

Born to an industrious family, Jenny has been exposed to… read more

In the spirit of Wittenborg’s 30th anniversary celebrations this year, the university has unveiled a brand new anniversary logo symbolising the joyous event.

The logo is now live and can be seen… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Maria-Regina Kecht as its new interim Academic Dean.

Dr Kecht will be based in Vienna, Austria, where Wittenborg will open a new campus in September… read more

It is the end of an era! After more than 5 years the colourful Spaceboxes  - which provided accommodation to dozens of international students from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in Apeldoorn - are being removed.

The… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences' annual 2017 staff dinner, held at Restaurant "De Brugwachter" in Apeldoorn, was attended by around 95 members of staff and partners.

In a relaxed atmosphere, staff enjoyed good food and… read more

Ton Willems, respected lecturer at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences and retired military officer, has passed away at the age of 70.

Willems died on Wednesday, 11 January, in Almelo after an extended period of illness. He leaves… read more

Hospitality student Marnix Doorman chose a unique hotel to do his in-company training – one where he worked alongside students with special needs.

With the assistance of Wittenborg’s work placement coordinator, Adrianne Jonquière-Breure,… read more

The hotel industry is not the only career option for hospitality management students - they are also sought after by high-end companies like Louis Vuitton, Bloomberg and JP Morgan, PIE News reports.

The… read more

The Dutch are not only famous for their cheese and millions of bicycles, but also for their legendary skills on the football field – just think of Johan Cruyff, one of the greatest footballers in history!

And football is exactly what… read more

In contrast to the political turmoil throughout the world, and it’s possible effect on higher education, 2016 proved to be an excellent year for Wittenborg, with many exciting developments and a steady growth in new students and new teaching… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences officially signed the agreement with its partner the Europa-Wirtschaftsschulen in Vienna to allow the start of programmes at the EWS location.

Wittenborg is already taking enrolments for its IBA… read more

One of Wittenborg's visiting lecturers, Muhammad Ashfaq, recently contributed to and co-edited two books, one of which is published in English and German.

Besides lecturing, Ashfaq is also CEO of Amanah IIFE, an ethical banking and… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences wishes all its friends, students and staff a wonderful Christmas and happy festive season.

 In September 2016, in a letter to… read more

Wittenborg University Press (WUP) has appointed bright Nigerian student, Tobi Odukoya, to market “Whisky Burn” – the book by British author and painter, Ben Birdsall - published at the end of last year, also available on Amazon. Scotch whisky is… read more

About 80% of hospitality students from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences do so well during their internships at hotels around the world that they are offered full-time positions – some even before they have graduated.

So said the… read more

A delegation from China’s top sport university, the Shanghai University of Sport, was hosted by Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences recently. Dutch sport expertise, especially professional football coaches, are highly prized by the Chinese… read more

Unless doing a work placement was a compulsory part of their school curriculum, students from outside the EU were not allowed to do an internship in Holland before. Now all students are allowed to do an internship as long as it is relevant to… read more

Struggling to find an internship? Then take heart from Nepalese student, Sarita Chhetri, who applied for almost 100 jobs before finally landing a position at a Spanish hotel, where she did both her internship and in-company… read more

New students from 13 different countries started their studies at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences this week - including its first student from Syria. For the undergraduate and MBA programmes, it is possible to start and graduate six… read more

What makes for a good MBA programme? At Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences class activities such as lectures, discussions and case studies are combined with industry exposure through visits to companies.

The coordinator of… read more

International students who continue to work in the Netherlands after graduation contribute €1.57 billion annually to the Dutch treasury.

This is the amount concluded by EP-Nuffic, based on new figures published by the Central Bureau of… read more

Dust off your dancing shoes because Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2017.   The university’s management has announced it will be hosting several special events during the whole of next… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is one step closer to setting up a branch campus in Vienna, Austria, in 2017.

The memorandum on the incorporation of a private limited company in Austria was signed this week by the directors of… read more

The Dutch have overtaken Sweden as the most proficient English speakers in the world outside the Anglosphere.

The 6th annual EF English Proficiency Index which ranks countries by the English skills of its inhabitants was released this week… read more

Wittenborg alumnus, Alex Gu, has built a highly successful career in Hong Kong – testifying to the value multinational companies place on graduates who have an international education.

Gu, who was one of the first international students to… read more

While it is feared that a Donald Trump presidency in the US will drive international students away, there are signs that Brexit is already doing that in the UK.

The BBC reports that the numbers of EU students applying for the most… read more

Students who regularly skip classes might want to think twice before doing so in the future. In other words, you are going to need a better excuse than "I was tired".

Existing policy requires students to attend at least 80% of classes.… read more

MBA lecturer, Dr Alexander Bauer, has come up with a fun and interesting way to teach business students how to manage operations - by using Lego blocks!

This week, MBA students could be seen in class trying to unpuzzle their rather… read more

Less than 10% of international students say they are likely to study in the US if Republican candidate Donald Trump wins Tuesday’s crucial presidential election.

The US is currently the top study destination in the world, but the country… read more

Indonesia is taking steps to forge stronger academic relationships with the Netherlands and Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, the education and cultural attaché of the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague, Mr Bambang Hari Wibisono, said on… read more

Almost half of the doctoral students who work at universities in the Netherlands are international, a study released by the Association for Dutch Universities (VSNU) has shown.

At Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, the coordinator… read more

African student, Nicola Ojoka Faka Serge, has such an inspiring life-story that he was recently featured on the front-page of de Stentor, as well as other Dutch media.

Starting from humble beginnings, Nicola… read more

The official opening of Saxion University of Applied Sciences’ brand new location in Apeldoorn this week marks the culmination of a long process to create a hub for higher education in the city which started with the successful establishment of… read more

At the 2016 EuroCHRIE conference this week in Budapest, Hungary, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences will be one of the institutions in the spotlight.

A poster presentation of a research proposal by Esther Gitonga, the coordinator of… read more

The Netherlands is the third most educated country in the world, according to the World Economic Forum, which ranked countries as part of its Global Competitiveness Report recently.

It is only surpassed by Singapore and Finland. “Quality… read more

Apeldoorn, the Dutch city where Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is situated, has officially been recognised as one of the best event locations in the country.

The title “Excellent Event City” has recently been bestowed on… read more

It is mainly the international student who will ensure the Netherlands maintains a robust growth in its student population in the next decade or so.

This is the forecast in a new study, which looks at the expected developments… read more

Lucinda Douglas, inspirational speaker and lecturer at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, has been nominated for the Netherlands' 2016 Ethnic Business Woman of the Year Award. She is the first woman from Apeldoorn to receive the honour.… read more

Students and staff from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences attended the 15th Anniversary Seminar of the Netherlands Institute for Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship (NIKOS) at the University of Twente this week.

Wittenborg's CEO,… read more

Have you heard the buzz around the so-called “Internet of Things”? The term refers to a future where everyday objects, like your fridge, are virtually connected and able to collect data.

One of Wittenborg University’s MBA lecturers, Geert… read more

South African student, Kyle Holtzhausen, was mid-training for his private pilot licence when he joined Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in September 2016, as he believed he needed a professional business degree to complement his training… read more

An evening of innovation and passion was experienced by more than 60  representatives of the Apeldoorn economy as the city recognized some of its best companies this week at the Apeldoorn Business Awards, held at… read more

For the past two years, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has been the fastest growing institute of higher education in the Stedendriehoek region where it is located, encompassing 7 municipalities and home to more than 413 000 people.… read more

New Master of Science students from across the world arrived at Wittenborg’s Apeldoorn campus this week for 3 packed days of Introduction Week activities before they formally start their programmes.

The new students are from Canada… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is one of the education partners in an exciting new project advancing robotics technology in the east Netherlands, that will strengthen the country’s smart industry and result in employment growth.

read more

The CEO of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, Maggie Feng, joined the Mayor of Apeldoorn, John Berends, and other members of the city council, when they toured the city centre this week, stopping at the newly developed education hub near… read more

The Netherlands once again boasts the 4th highest number of top universities in the world!

The British education weekly, The Times Higher Education (THE) has just released its Top 200 university rankings for 2016-2017.

The… read more

Mexican student Ana Mariá Villalobos is proving that academic research can be far more eclectic then one might assume – her final research topic explores why cats are the most commonly used animals in commercials.

Ana joined Wittenborg… read more

In a letter to parliament, the Dutch minister of education, Jet Bussemaker, has singled out Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences as a good example of an institute with an unequivocal international character.

Wittenborg is one of the… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences recently announced its partnership with the vocational institute EWS (Europa-Wirtschaftsschulen Wien) in Vienna, Austria - signifying its first transnational move. We spoke to Thomas Lung, Head of… read more

The president of the European Association for International Education (EAIE), Laura Howard, has come under fire for remarks she made about Turkey at the opening of EAIE’s annual conference in Liverpool. Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences… read more

Making new friends in a foreign country can be a daunting experience. But not to worry. At Wittenborg University, the student society, SWIFT, organises many interesting and fun activities for international and Dutch students to meet and mingle.… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is in Liverpool this week at the ICEF Workshops and at EAIE (European Association of International Educators)!

This week Wittenborg is attending the ICEF Higher Education Workshops in Liverpool and… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences sought support this week from the Dutch conservative-liberal party, the VVD, against one of the proposals in a legislative draft that would limit the use of the word “university”.

An amendment to… read more

In its first transnational move, the management of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences (WUAS) has announced it will open a new study location in the heart of Vienna, the capital of Austria, in September, 2017. In this endeavour it will… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is pleased to announce its MBA programme has just received unconditional approval from the Dutch Flemish Accreditation Body (NVAO). This means it is now a double-accredited programme - approved by NVAO… read more

When the new academic year starts on Monday Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences will be welcoming students from at least 22 different countries from around the world.

Most of them attended the first day of Introduction Week… read more

What better way to mark the opening of the new academic year (and bid a sad farewell to the summer holiday) than a barbeque? 

That is exactly what students and staff at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences did when they… read more

Ushering in the new academic year, Wittenborg University’s executive chair, Peter Birdsall, welcomed staff back to school this week and unveiled ambitious plans for the next year.

One of the biggest milestones in 2017 will be the… read more

English is used more and more as the language of instruction in Dutch universities, a survey by De Volkskrant has found. More than half (60%) of university programmes in Holland are now taught entirely in English, the newspaper reported on Friday… read more

The managing director of one of the oldest vocational schools in Austria, EWS (Europa-Wirtschaftsschulen Wien) spent a 4-day visit to Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, this past week.

Dr Ingeborg Kühling-Garfield is in discussions… read more

Wittenborg will strengthen its current tutor system in the new academic year by dedicating more resources to its operation, relieving time pressures impacting especially undergraduate students.

While tutors’ top… read more

The Orange Tulip Scholarship Programme (OTS) gives talented students in several non-European countries the opportunity to study in the Netherlands.

This year, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences awarded OTS… read more

Transnational higher education and international students seem to be central themes to the discussions in UK higher education circles at this moment. 'Times Higher Education' has published numerous articles on the subject since the UK voted to… read more

Achieving an honours degree can really kick-start your career as it demonstrates to future employers you are a dedicated student and outstanding performer.

This summer, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences recognized two honours-… read more

Wittenborg graduate, Pacific Mongi, is pursuing his dream of becoming a book publisher in his home country, Rwanda, in the east of Africa.

Described by his lecturers as a quiet, courteous student, Pacific graduated earlier this… read more

This summer Wittenborg University bids farewell to one of its most familiar faces, office manager Eva van Herel, who is leaving the Netherlands for the UK.

We are proud to say that from mid-August Eva will work as executive support officer… read more

A survey done by the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) in all 28 EU countries has revealed when it comes to Information and Communication Technology, only people from Denmark and Luxemburg are better than those in the Netherlands.

read more

Using good old-fashioned pen and paper to take notes instead of a laptop is a smarter choice for students.

Dutch researchers at the University of Trondheim in Norway found that students using pen and paper to take notes remember their… read more

Strong growth in student numbers over the past few years at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in Apeldoorn has now led to the university investing for the first time in student accommodation.  

Wittenborg is finalising the… read more

Let’s face it, finding student accommodation in a popular country like Holland can be a challenge! Ideally you would want to stay in the same city where your university is located.

Luckily for students at Wittenborg University of Applied… read more

In an elegant British ceremony, 4 Master of Science graduates from Wittenborg University and 4 of its EuroBA students received their second degree from the University of Brighton in the UK on Friday.

The students, splendid in their… read more

Canadian business managers, who are EMBA students at the University of Fredericton, had their first classes at Wittenborg University’s Amsterdam campus this week as part of a 10-day international field trip which will include several excursions… read more

Sanne de Jong has been Wittenborg University’s human resource officer since April, but her ties with the organisation go way back. Fresh out of high school in 2003, she started at Wittenborg as housing officer when it was still located in… read more

Wittenborg celebrated the first graduates of its popular European Bachelor's in Hospitality Management programme – the so-called EuroBA – this summer. The first group was admitted in 2013. 

The EuroBA is offered in conjunction with… read more

Given Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences’ close ties with Great Britain, its chair of the executive board, Peter Birdsall, was recently interviewed by the MBA Channel about the consequences of Brexit for the education sector.

read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in Apeldoorn, is looking for part-time lecturers and guest speakers for our Master of Business Administration (MBA) and our Master of Science (MSc) programmes.

Our new lecturers will be joining our… read more

Britain’s new prime minister, Theresa May, was sworn in on Wednesday. How will that impact higher education elsewhere in the world, particularly Europe?

Opinions are divided. However, based on the hard line May took on immigration while… read more

The first part-time Master of Science students to graduate from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences celebrated their achievements on Friday during Wittenborg’s 2016 Summer Graduation Ceremony in Apeldoorn.

They are Don Driessen,… read more

Students from 13 different countries are graduating this summer from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, accentuating its status it as one of the most international universities in the Netherlands.

They were celebrated today at the… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has joined forces with the Canadian University of Fredericton to offer an Executive MBA Summer Certificate Programme at its location in Amsterdam. It will run from 26 July – 4 August, 2016.

read more

"Apeldoorn is a beautiful and lively city," says Dutch graduate Lennart Dubel about the small, green city in the heart of the Netherlands where Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is headquartered.

read more

Universities in the UK has been urged to strengthen their relationships with universities in Europe, including the Netherlands, while they wait for the dust to settle post-Brexit.

“Universities must not take their eyes off the ball,… read more

So the UK has voted to leave the European Union! What will that mean for students and staff at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences (WUAS) in the future?

Firstly, WUAS falls under the Dutch Higher Education system for most of its… read more

As 46 million UK voters get the chance to say 'remain' or 'leave' the European Union today, WUP considers the effect a 'leave' vote would have on Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences (WUAS).

From an initial point of view, the UK… read more

Invitation to join the  'Survivors Walk of Hope' - a walk in Vondel Park, Amsterdam, Sunday 26th June 2016.

Wittenborg's Examination Board member Tanya Dimitrova has helped launch an initiative in Amsterdam, that originated in South… read more

Wittenborg's facility manager and manager of Wittenborg University Student Housing ('WUSH'), Karel van der Zande is taking up an unusual and exhilarating challenge this week. Karel is racing across Europe in a small two seater glider (plane… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in Apeldoorn, is looking for part-time lecturers and guest speakers for our Master of Business Administration (MBA) and our Master of Science (MSc) programmes.

Our new lecturers will be joining our… read more

Wittenborg University is to offer a bachelor's of science in business together with its partner of the University of Brighton at its Amsterdam campus.

The bachelor of science (BSc) will be part of a double degree program which allows… read more

Turkey is clearly developing an interest for degree programmes in the Netherlands, according to a panel of study advisors who have recently toured a number of Dutch Universities.

The study advisors visited Wittenborg University on… read more

The partners of the European Bachelors in Hospitality Management met for their bi-annual meeting at the Centro Superior de Hostelería de Galicia (Hospitality Management School-Spain).

The Bachelors of International Hospitality… read more

Today, the Wittenborg Student Society (known as SWIFT) organized a cultural event at a local bar, in Apeldoorn. Students brought traditional (from their own cultures) home-cooked food  and some even dressed in their own traditional dress.… read more

Wittenborg University graduate, Zohair Alam, had no qualms about choosing the Netherlands when he decided to study here. “Holland is a multicultural country that thinks in global terms about business, science, art, innovation and research.”

read more
BSc in Business and MSc Sport Business Management approved to be delivered at Wittenborg University!

In a unique event held in Apeldoorn, a quality assurance panel from the University of Brighton, chaired by Dr… read more

Ever enjoyed a trip so much that you feel you can stay there forever? This has been the experience of 8 students from Wittenborg University who are currently on a study visit in Shanghai, China's most populous city and a global financial hub.… read more

Renske Goedhart, Wittenborg University’s new Front Desk and Facilities Officer at its Spoortraat building in Apeldoorn, has a world of experience in international service management.

If you are a student, you have probably already made… read more

The Netherlands is continuing its streak of solid performances in higher education rankings – the latest being the 2016 Universitas 21 ranking where the country once again made the Top 10 list.

Instead of only measuring individual… read more

Students from Wittenborg University had a unique opportunity this week to network with members of a local Rotary club – an esteemed international organisation for business owners and managers. The event was hosted at Wittenborg’s Spoorstraat-… read more

Looking for a job? It takes more than just sending your CV to a company, says Emelda Obewu, one of Wittenborg University’s EuroBA students who recently did her internship at one of the leading hotel groups in Dubai:  Rotana Hotels &… read more

International students in the Netherlands might soon be able to work more hours and move more easily within the European Union during their studies after a new visa directive was passed by the European Parliament recently.

According to a… read more

At least 23 new students will start with their classes on Monday at Wittenborg University, representing 8 different nationalities.

While many are yet to arrive, others enjoyed the fun of Introduction Week activities on Wednesday… read more

Most students in the Netherlands are happy with the quality of education they receive, the 2016 National Student Survey (NSE) has shown. Student satisfaction levels at Universities of Applied Sciences like Wittenborg have increased from 58% to 60… read more

Students from Wittenborg University made their debut on Dutch TV this week when they pitched their crowdfunding ideas in the programme “The Business Battle” on RTL Z. See the video here.

Almost 100 students from 40 different… read more

In a global ranking of the most prestigious universities in the world, the Netherlands managed to stay in the top 5 while many European countries are rapidly losing ground to Asia.

The 2016 Times Higher Education (THE) World… read more

“Learn as much Dutch as quickly as you can!” says Chinese graduate, Meiqiong Piao, who recently obtained her IBA degree in Marketing and Communication from Wittenborg University.

“It will help you find a part-time job or internship which,… read more

Apeldoorn was the place to be on Friday with the start of the 2016 Giro d’Italia - and Wittenborg was there to share in the fun and excitement. Earlier this year Wittenborg hosted the Giro College Tour in the run-up to the event. … read more

Wittenborg University introduced its plans for a new School of Sport & Health to the business community of the Gelderland province. In this endeavor it will team up with the newly founded Full Force Sports Academy - an international, private… read more

"The Netherlands is a great study destination for international students - almost everyone speaks English"

Recent Dutch graduate, Marit Ram, says Wittenborg University had a huge influence on her decision to work for an international… read more

Students at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences (WUAS) have overwhelmingly proved that they are up to the challenge, with the majority of all graduating students completing their degree within the 3 years / phases, according to the… read more

Wittenborg's Multicultural Staff Say Why they like Working Here and What They Miss from Back Home!

Almost 40% of Wittenborg University’s current staff members come from outside the Netherlands – which means, it total, it has no fewer than 15… read more

Wittenborg's Flexible Entry Dates Take the Edge off Registration Rush for Prospective Students

While the registration deadlines for most universities in the Netherlands are drawing to a close for their September student intake, there are no… read more

External member of Wittenborg University’s Exam Board, Tanya Dimitrova, recently made a memorable trip to South Africa to interview Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr Desmond Tutu. “I’ve always wanted to meet him. After Nelson Mandela, he is one of the… read more

Almost 100 students from 40 different nationalities working on one crowdfunding campaign? Yes! Wittenborg University is out to prove it can be done.

Students from Wittenborg will be breaking new ground in the coming weeks with an attempt… read more

The hospitality industry has plenty of internships and jobs to offer, but it is not always easy for students and graduates to access these career opportunities.

Which is why Wittenborg University has teamed up with the world’s leading… read more

Dutch Student Explains Why She Fell in Love with Wittenborg and Now Goes to Every Single Class

'If you speak English in a Dutch environment it sounds weird. But here, 10 minutes into Introduction Day and you discover: everybody does it, and no… read more

Students from Wittenborg Amsterdam will be off to Kenya from 9 – 15 April to participate in a project, Vijana Reloaded, which seeks to train unemployed youth in Kenya in entrepreneurship and ICT. Since September last year Wittenborg Amsterdam… read more

Almost 3 out of 4 Russian students who have been in contact with the Netherlands Education Support Office (Neso) want to study in Holland.

This is according to EP-Nuffic, the Dutch organization for internationalization in education. Neso… read more

‘To be or not to be’ – when is a university not a university? – A question that Wittenborg asked itself a year ago, when Dutch Minister of Education Jet Bussemaker announced a proposed change to the law that governs higher education in the… read more

Wittenborg University’s senior lecturer, Dr Saskia Harkema, recently led the first Winter Academy of the ESTIEM Student Network in Turkey. It was attended by students from all over Europe, including Finland, Norway, Germany, Estonia and Turkey.… read more

As spring kicks in, a whole group of new students from at least 14 different countries will start with their first classes at Wittenborg University next week, adding further to its international character.

They hail from Georgia, Morocco,… read more

As an important education provider for the event industry, Wittenborg University made sure its presence was felt at event16,  the biggest annual fair for stakeholders in the event industry of the Netherlands.  

The fair started… read more

It is one of the highlights on Wittenborg University’s calendar: The annual trip its Master of Science students make to the United Kingdom.

This year 13 students participated in the 4-day trip – excited to see the British capital, London,… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is this week in Moscow, attending the ICEF workshop. Yesterday, WUAS director Peter Birdsall entertained students of the Moscow State University Business School with a presentation on his entrepreneurial… read more

The Netherlands proved its universities are some of the best in Europe by getting a high rating in the recently released Times Higher Education European University Top 200 Rankings 2016.

The Netherlands received special mention not only… read more

Giro College Tour: Many Career Opportunities in Sport, say two Top International Coaches on Saturday at the Wittenborg event

A good combination of international speakers, interesting workshops and great food made the Giro College Tour hosted by… read more

The mayor of Apeldoorn, John Berends, will be one of the speakers at the Giro Fiets Campus hosted by Wittenborg University at its Spoorstraat location this Saturday, 12 March, from 13:00 – 16:00.

The event serves as forerunner for the… read more

Wittenborg University attracts students from all over the world. The university's only Albanian student, Gertnisa Ristani, was interviewed about life in the Netherlands and what the Dutch government can do to give international students an even… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences will give cycling enthusiasts a taste of what they can expect when the 2016 Giro d’Italia hits Apeldoorn on 6 May by pre-hosting the 'Giro Fiets Campus' (Fiets is Bycyle in Dutch) on 12 March at its… read more

A change in permit rules in the Netherlands will give international students an extended period of 3 years to apply for their job search year (the so-called zoekjaar) from 1 March, 2016.

Until now bachelor's and master's students had to… read more

Wittenborg University recently received a very special visitor – Lupo Wolfie, mascot of the Giro d’Italia 2016 which is one of the biggest cycling races in the world. On 6 May the race kicks off in the Velodrome Omnisport in Apeldoorn, the city… read more

Struggling to find an internship? Meet Wittenborg University’s new Work Placement Coordinator, Adrianne Jonquiere-Breure. While in the past students failing to find a suitable internship were often assisted by their tutors, the function has now… read more

Students from the Aventus  college of further education have recently been involved in a project to test a tool developed as part of the GREAT research project that Wittenborg University has been a key academic partner in since it started in… read more

Who are the new CEO's of tomorrow? Wittenborg's Business Development Advisor, Ben Prins, believes they will be students trained at institutes anticipating the new industrial revolution, Smart Industry, and preparing their students accordingly.… read more

The number of international students in the Netherlands has risen by almost 20% in the 2015-16 academic year, boosting the country's overall student population to a new record of 258 054.

The latest figures were released by the… read more

International graduates are not crowding out local jobseekers on the Dutch labour market, research unit Blaauwberg has found. In fact, it warns that without international talent, the Dutch economy will suffer a serious loss in wealth.

read more

The excitement in the air was palpable on Friday as Wittenborg University celebrated its latest cohort of graduates during the 2016 Winter Graduation Ceremony held at the Apeldoorn City Hall.

A total of 21 graduates, splendid in their… read more

Wittenborg University will welcome more than 40 new undergraduate and postgraduate students from a whole host of countries in Block 5 when classes start on Monday. Today about half of those attended the first day of Introduction Week activities… read more

Wittenborg University has been announced as the first institute of higher education to be a supporting partner of event 16 the biggest annual fair for stakeholders in the event industry, in the Netherlands.

The fair takes place on 23 – 24 March… read more

Students from Wittenborg University recently had a unique opportunity to visit both the Amsterdam Stock Exchange and the Dutch Central Bank. They were accompanied by Wittenborg lecturer, Melike Almaz who teaches the Pension &… read more

Dutch Student Union Warns Universities Too Picky About Master's Students

Dutch National Student Union, LSVb, has warned Dutch universities have become too picky in admitting students to their master's programmes. The union has subsequently… read more

What is it like to work in a 5-star hotel with its lavish suites and immaculate service? A growing number of Wittenborg's hospitality students are doing internships at top hotels around the world. One of them is Thiago Silva, who recently… read more

International Students Continue Privileged Access to Dutch Labour Market in 2016

The 2016 salary criterion for highly skilled migrants has just been published by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). Salary is considered the… read more

Wittenborg's International Students Bridge Cultural Gap While Enjoying Great Food at Chinese Cuisine Evening

Wittenborg's International Students Bridge Cultural Gap While Enjoying Great Food at Chinese Cuisine EveningWhat is… read more

Wittenborg University can proudly look back at 2015 as its most successful year to date, the University’s Chair of the Executive Board, Peter Birdsall, said at its annual New Year’s staff dinner. However, he promised that “2016 will be even… read more

This year Wittenborg University is one of 70 Dutch institutes of higher education taking part in the 2016 National Student Survey (NSE), which gives students at Universities and Universities of Applied Science the opportunity to make their voices… read more

Want to start your own business in the Netherlands? From 1 January 2016, start-up entrepreneurs from outside the EU will be granted more time in the Netherlands to develop their idea from paper-plan to fully fledged business. Currently start-ups… read more

As yet another wonderful and especially successful year at Wittenborg draws to a close, we would like to wish all students, staff and friends and relations of Wittenborg University a very enjoyable festive season, with… read more

Wittenborg University is pleased to announce a new research and development partnership with the University of Fredericton (UFred), Canada, through which both institutions will work towards creating a gamified MBA. Wittenborg has been working… read more

A visiting professor from Lithuania, Dr Živite Navikienė, recently conducted 3 PDP seminars for undergraduate students at Wittenborg University. She addressed the students on “Effective Time Management in Business and Commercial Projects”. … read more

On Thursday Wittenborg was paid a visit by the members of the local Apeldoorn council who came to see the new Spoorstraat campus, that has been realised together with the municipality of Apeldoorn.

They spent an enjoyable couple of hours… read more


Wittenborg University recently introduced a new project within Kenya to be called: Vijana Reloaded. This interesting development project focuses on training youth in Kenya in the areas of entrepreneurship, ICT and social… read more

Students can now sign in for a new Master degree programme in Sport Business & Management that will start in Apeldoorn in October 2016. The programme, currently under validation, will be jointly taught by Wittenborg and the University of… read more

Yesterday evening Wittenborg University Amsterdam hosted a lively book launch event, at which the author of Wittenborg University's new book 'Whisky Burn', Ben Birdsall, introduced around 100 guests to his adventure travels visiting the… read more

Study at Wittenborg University and the world is your oyster! Students and graduates literally find internships and jobs all over the world.  This was yet again proven by IBA student, Reynolds Boateng, who just returned from Sydney, Australia… read more

MBA students from Wittenborg University recently visited Dutch brokerage firm, SNS Securities, which is a subsidiary of financial services company SNS Bank, as part of a Project Week assignment. SNS Securities prides itself in being a broker with… read more

Senior lecturer, Dr Saskia Harkema, made a presentation on the sustainable use of energy by SMEs at the "Circular Economy" conference held at the Media Plaza in Utrecht in November this year. Harkema is part of Wittenborg University's GREAT-team… read more

The number of international students who stay in the Netherlands after graduation is double that which Dutch authorities have always believed, a study by the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) has shown.

Five years after graduating in… read more

Wittenborg University's GREAT-team recently presented their research findings in the field of renewable energy at the Technical Institute Eindhoven (TUE).

After running for 3 years, the EU-funded GREAT-project has its final policy… read more

It has been almost 3 months since Wittenborg University opened its new location in the heart of Amsterdam where it offers an IBA in Entrepreneurship & Small Business. What are the impressions of the first batch of students after surviving the… read more

Led by Chinese students from Wittenborg University, the Apeldoorn branch of the Association of Chinese Students and Scholars in the Netherlands (ACSSNL) was successfully launched last week. ACSSNL is the largest volunteer organization… read more

The Netherlands has more international students than ever before - 90 000!

This number was revealed by the director of EP-Nuffic, Freddy Weima, at the start of the ''Week of the International Student'' which runs from 16 - 21… read more

Whether you are a whisky lover, investor or just curious about what makes whisky so special - don't miss the official launch of Wittenborg University's new book Whisky Burn – the Highlands and Islands by Vespa on 10 December 2015 in Amsterdam.… read more

Wittenborg joined its partners from Germany, France and Spain at the University of Brighton's Eastbourne campus (School of Service Sector and Sport) this week for a meeting of the Steering Group of the so-called EuroBA programme, the Bachelor (… read more

Wittenborg University recently hosted a delegation from the University of Frederiction in Canada, which included Mr Kjetil Sandermoen, Board Chairman, Mr Don Roy, President, and Dr Kenneth Green, Provost.

Fredericton is an online… read more

After Sweden, the Dutch boast the highest level of English proficiency in Europe among non-native speakers of the language. This is according to the Education First English Proficiency Index (EP EPI) for 2015.


“In 2015,… read more

If you are an international student in the Netherlands it pays to immerse yourself in local activities and networks - and we’re not just talking about football and pub life!

This was recently demonstrated by Nigerian student, Austine Ijeh… read more

Wednesday saw representatives of EP-Nuffic and the Ministry of Education met with the director of NRTO Ria van’t Klooster and representatives of private Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. The EP-Nuffic is the Netherland’s… read more

The new academic year got off to a rolling start for Wittenborg University's latest cohort of MSc students attending classes at the new Spoorstßraat location in Apeldoorn from this month.


As one walks down the corridors of… read more

Wittenborg University’s Webmaster and IT specialist, Denis Schuh, is an integral part of what makes Wittenborg tick in the digital age - from maintaining the great, new website to creating pages for special events, he’s got it covered from his… read more

Wittenborg University was proud to host members of the influential business organization, De Maatschappij, for a lunch network event at its Spoorstraat 23 location in Apeldoorn on Monday.

De Maatschappij is an independent organization for… read more

Wittenborg University lecturer, Geert de Haan, was recently one of the jury members who selected the winners of the 2015 European Youth Award (EYA) - producing some of the most exciting ICT innovations this side of the Atlantic.

read more

“Holland is a very affordable place to study and the people are friendly” says Indian student Benchamin Prince on why he chose to study in the Netherlands when it came to sifting through countries abroad to continue his education. Prince… read more

After its first intake of MBA students in February this year, Wittenborg University now offers 6 entry dates throughout the year for students interested in pursuing an MBA programme.  Wittenborg offers its MBA programme in specialisations… read more

International students now represent almost 10% of the total student population in the Netherlands and are expected to contribute €1 billion annually to the Dutch economy from this year.

The latest statistics on internationalisation in the… read more

Dutch hospitality management programmes and Hotel Schools were well represented at the EuroCHRIE conference this year, held at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK. The theme this year was "Experience" and many of the Key Note speeches… read more

International students are highly pleased with the education they receive in the Netherlands, scoring the country 8,8 out of 10 in the StudyPortals International Student Satisfaction Awards 2015. Students ranked the Netherlands the 7th… read more

The Netherlands boasts the 4th highest number of top universities in the world - punching way above its size, according to international experts in education.

This is according to the prestigious British education weekly, The Times Higher… read more

Wittenborg University, in partnership with the Netherlands Institute of Marketing (NIMA), hosted a successful marketing event at its new Spoorstraat 23 location in Apeldoorn last night under the theme ''Building Your Brand, from Local to… read more

Dutch universities are increasingly picky about the quality of student they admit to their Master programmes.

The latest is Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM). The school has just announced that from September 2017… read more

Wittenborg University welcomed its first recipients of the Holland Scholarship Programme (HSP) at its campus in Apeldoorn this semester after receiving an overwhelming number of applications from all over the world. The group is a mix of Bachelor… read more

If you are a Scotch whisky fan and want to know more about the distilleries that produce them or fancy the idea of a journey through Scotland’s highlands and islands, then British author and painter Ben Birdsall’s latest book, Whisky Burn is for… read more

Latest update: MEP Sean Kelly on the GREAT Project: "..well done for develop such tools to promote renewable energy for SMEs!"

After running for 3 years, the EU-funded GREAT-project has its final policy conference in Brussels this… read more

Just days after receiving his PhD, the coordinator of Wittenborg University’s School of Business, Dr Abdul Rauf’s PhD thesis has been nominated for the Best Dissertation Award at the upcoming International Conference of the Dutch HRM Network.… read more

On 27 September, 2015, the city of Apeldoorn, home of Wittenborg University, will once again host its annual Street Art Festival. The event boasts “battles” between urban dance groups, skate boarders and graffiti artists.

Giant murals… read more

Wittenborg was this year again represented by at the ICEF Higher Education Workshop, which was held this week in Glasgow. The workshop is aimed specifically at bringing together quality agents from around the world and higher education institutes… read more

Wittenborg University’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme is set to become a good example of an academic MBA in the Netherlands after receiving the stamp of approval from the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO).… read more

The academic year started off full of expectations at Wittenborg's new location in Amsterdam this week. With the arrival of its students from 8 different nationalities, the IBA in Entrepreneurship & Small Business promises to be a truly… read more

As the refugee crisis in Europe deepens, the past week has seen an overwhelming surge from ordinary people reaching out to the stranded refugees. Dr Saskia Harkema, a senior lecturer from Wittenborg University, set up an organization called Faces… read more

Wittenborg University’s close working relationship with the Shanghai Business School in China got a huge boost this summer with two delegations from Shanghai visiting Wittenborg this month, making use of opportunities for international… read more

Wittenborg University celebrated the opening of its magnificent new building, Spoorstraat 23, in Apeldoorn on Friday (28 August 2015), proudly showing off the renovated building to students, staff and a league of distinguished guests,… read more

Wittenborg University is gearing up for another exciting academic year, anticipating an almost 40% increase in the number of new students for 2015 while raising its international profile even higher. As one of the most diverse institutes… read more

Wittenborg University is gearing up for another exciting academic year, anticipating an almost 40% increase in the number of new students for 2015 while raising its international profile even higher. As one of the most diverse institutes… read more

It’s all systems go as in less than a week Wittenborg University will celebrate the opening of its second location, Spoorstraat 23, in the Dutch city of Apeldoorn on Friday 28 August 2015.

The new building, which dates from 1922, is only a… read more

Wittenborg University has teamed up with one of the top research universities in the world, Wageningen University, in joint supervision of PhD student, Esther Gitonga, who is also the coordinator of Wittenborg’s School of Hospitality and Tourism… read more

Moving to another country to pursue your studies can be an overwhelming experience. To ease international students’ transition from their home country to their host country, Wittenborg University has officially launched its own Buddy Programme… read more

To connect and keep up with today’s tech-savvy students requires continuous learning from academics themselves. At Wittenborg University academic staff recently completed the first year of an intensive Teacher’s Training programme which will… read more

Many international students are poorly informed about job opportunities in their host country, presenting one of the biggest hurdles for them to stay on post-study.

This was one of the findings in an international study by the Expert… read more

At an international conference in Turkey this week, researchers from Wittenborg University highlighted the challenges in convincing SME’s to invest in sustainable energy solutions.

“When speaking to SME’s and intermediate organizations,… read more

Four students from the Shanghai Business School are currently following a packed Summer School Programme at Wittenborg University. The course aims to give students a first-hand experience of European education and culture.

The 4-week… read more

Wittenborg University students do internships all over the world. A splendid example is Dutch student, Elbert van der Waal, who will do his internship at the Hilton Hotel in Cairns, Australia, this summer. Elbert is also a member of Wittenborg’s… read more








School is out for summer and despite the fickle Dutch weather - ranging from heatwaves to storms and even ground frost – we continue to… read more

One of Wittenborg's visiting lecturers, Muhammad Ashfaq, recently presented his latest research paper "Emerging Trends and Opportunities in Digital Manufacturing" in Portugal. The presentation was part of the 27th Business and Economics Society… read more

More than a third of British students want to study abroad - with the Netherlands being one of their top 10 countries of choice.  

This was one of the findings of a new survey by the British Council which compared… read more

Wittenborg University Press has been looking at the successful approval of Wittenborg's double degree programme in International Hospitality Management, offered with the University of Brighton, at the campus in Apeldoorn.

From… read more

When an earthquake hit Nepal in late April, it affected many Nepalese students from Wittenborg University who feared for the lives of their families back home.

One of those students is Santosh Karki who graduated with a Bachelor degree in… read more

While many European countries, like the Netherlands, have doubled their efforts to attract foreign students in recent years, the UK is about to turn the screws on non-EU students. 

Changes to be effected include that all part-time… read more

At least 4 students of Wittenborg University who graduated on Friday are planning to continue their studies at some of the most highly ranked universities in the world this autumn.

King's College in the UK, Leiden University and Groningen… read more

Wittenborg University’s Summer Graduation Ceremony on Friday was yet again testament to its reputation as one of the most international institutes in the Netherlands with this year’s cohort of graduates hailing from 13 different countries!

read more

From September 2015 Wittenborg University will offer its IBA in Entrepreneurship & Small Business at its brand new location in Amsterdam, bringing affordable private education to the city in an ideal learning environment which… read more

It only takes around four and a half minutes to cross under the station from Wittenborg's main campus situated on the south side of the railway in its Aventus location, to the new Spoorstraat location situated on the north side of the train and… read more

A total of 22 Dutch employers in the private and public sector have this week signed the so-called Diversity Charter, pledging to work towards a more diverse workforce in their organizations.

Signatories include giant corporations like IBM… read more

While many Dutch SME’s still underestimate the value international employees can add to their business, this is changing rapidly.

So says Michaël van Straalen, the chairman of MKB Nederland which is the largest entrepreneurs’ organization… read more

The number of graduates from UK Bachelor Degree programmes who are finding jobs has risen again, according to the latest annual figures from the UK Higher Education Statistics Agency (https://www.hesa.ac.uk/stats-dlhe). According to the data,… read more

This week an approval panel from the University of Brighton in the UK, led by Dr Paul Frost, Director of the Hastings Campus of the University of Brighton, visited Wittenborg University in Apeldoorn for an approval event of the Bachelor… read more

A good idea can change the world, so young entrepreneurs attending Wittenborg University’s Bootcamp for prospective IBA-students in Entrepreneurship & Small Management were swinging for the fence when they pitched their ideas.

Up for… read more

Yesterday's seminar on the future of health care in the region, held at Wittenborg University, was very well attended; at least 80 people and listened to the results of a preliminary paper on a survey conducted at De Goede Zorg, a Dutch health… read more

Summer has officially arrived and students from Wittenborg University were out in force this weekend at the annual Grolsch Drakenboot Festival in Apeldoorn where they surveyed more than 400 festival-goers.

The survey has officially been… read more

International students can now learn basic Dutch online to smooth their transition to the Netherlands - even before they arrive in the country!

As part of a drive to bind more international students to the Dutch economy, the “Hoi Holland… read more

Big Scholarships up for Grabs at Wittenborg's "Bootcamp" for Prospective Students in Entrepreneurship

Prospective students can win scholarships of up to €10 000 if they attend Wittenborg University’s “Bootcamp” on Wednesday 1 July for those… read more

Tool Developed by Wittenborg will Calculate Return on Investment for Companies that Invest in Green Energy

The economic tool developed by Wittenborg University to help SME’s determine their return on investment if they choose to engage in… read more

The Netherlands has the highest number of English-Taught Programmes in all of continental Europe.

This came to light in a recent study published by the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) which collected survey data from European… read more

An international report comparing the stay-rate of foreign students after graduation, has criticized the Netherlands for its legal barriers that deter businesses from hiring international students.

“Small businesses hardly hire… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Science have signed an agreement with the largest NGO in the Philippines, Gawad Kalinga, to partner on various projects that promotes social entrepreneurship, leadership and student volunteering.

Gawad… read more

Wittenborg at Apeldoorn Worldproef International Cultural Event on 14 June in Oranjepark

Wittenborg University will showcase its different business programmes at the Apeldoorn WorldProef event - an international culture market that will take… read more

International students in London contribute almost €4 billon per year to the UK economy – 5 times more than what it costs to host them, a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the business lobby, London First, has revealed.

The report… read more

UITNODIGING SEMINAR ‘OVERLEVEN IN DE ZORG’ Thema: ‘Kan uw zorgorganisatie overleven in drastisch gewijzigde omstandigheden?’

Locatie: Apeldoorn, Wittenborg Datum: dinsdag 30 juni 2015, vanaf 17.00 uur tot 21.30… read more

More than 60 staff and students spent the evening enjoying a barbecue at the SpaceBoxes, Wittenborg's colorful student housing units situated in the centre of the town.

The weather was perfect, blue sky, sun and an un-typical 30 degree… read more

Wittenborg University Open Days in Amsterdam - ''You're Welcome to Join Us!''

 Inspiring Entrepreneurial Education in at the new Campus Amsterdam.pdf (Download our information about our sessions in Amsterdam)

Information… read more

GREAT (Growing Renewable Energy Applications and Technologies)!  

Last week the GREAT-project team concluded a very successful partner meeting in Inverness, Scotland.

The GREAT (Growing Renewable Energy Applications and… read more

Dutch / Nederlands : Tempo-Cursus en Herkansing Nima-B 1&2 - vraag meer info aan

Wittenborg University has signed a contract with the Netherlands Institute for Marketing (NIMA) to offer a fast tracked NIMA B1 and 2 course… read more

Muhammad Ashfaq, a finance lecturer at Wittenborg University, was recently honored with the Young Scholar’s Grant (1,250 TRL) by Bilkent University, Turkey, for his outstanding research in the area of Islamic Banking and Finance in Europe and… read more

Results show Wittenborg University once again did well - its study programme in general, scoring 7.68 out of 10 – improving on last year’s score of 7.5. 

In the 2015 National Student Survey (NSE) measuring students’… read more

A University of Applied Sciences is a University? Of course it is!

Earlier this month, Dutch Minister of Education Jet Bussemaker announced plans to protect the degrees and titles of Dutch Higher Education in a proposed change the Act of… read more

A Visit to London and to meet tutors at the University of Brighton.

Master of Science students from Wittenborg University yesterday ended their four-day trip to London with a visit to Wittenborg’s partner in the UK, the University of… read more

Bachelor programmes in International Business and Administration seem to be the hottest study programmes among prospective students in the Netherlands – IBA programmes have received more online-traffic in the first quarter of 2015 than any other… read more

Even the Brits agree: Holland is a great country to study and to live!

Britain’s leading liberal newspaper The Guardian recently published an article singing the praises of studying in the Netherlands, written as a first account by a female… read more

Researchers credit the increasing number of successful start-ups in Africa to the education many of its owners acquire abroad.

In a recent article published in The Conversation – an online academic news source – associate professor… read more

During this week's Wittenborg University visit to the Shanghai Business School, education development was discussed, including the up-coming visit by a group of Shanghai students and lecturers to the Netherlands. The main discussions focused on… read more

British voters went to the polls today, but the outcome of this election will have long-lasting implications that reach well beyond the country’s borders – including for Wittenborg and other universities in Europe.

Whichever party wins… read more

Amsterdam is the Netherlands central hub for entrepreneurship. Its international characteristic and allure make it the one place for Dutch entrepreneurs to initiate their innovative business from; it also is a magnet for budding international… read more

Minister of Education, Jet Bussemaker has announced that she intends to put forward a proposal to legally protect the terms University and University of Applied Sciences. This as part of a continuing move to formalise Dutch higher education, in… read more

Wittenborg University to Bring its International Expertise to Amsterdam

In September 2015 Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, proud to be one of the most international and diverse institutes in the Netherlands, will open a new campus in… read more

On request of the UN the Netherlands will be coordinating all rescue teams searching for victims of this weekend’s devastating earthquake in Nepal. Wittenborg University currently has about 35 Nepalese students and its Student Registrar,… read more

Wittenborg Makes Further Strides in Renewable Energy Solutions for Communities

Wittenborg University has made further strides in the development of economic tools for collectives, which refers to community-owned renewable energy solutions,… read more

Europe’s growing migrant crisis and the violent attacks on African immigrants in South Africa dominated headlines the past week. In the Netherlands the coalition government was driven to near break-point on whether illegal immigrants are… read more

Contractors have started renovation and building work on the new Wittenborg University campus building at the Spoorstraat 23 - where the new Postgraduate and Research centre will be situated.

The building work has already seen the former… read more

Wittenborg University attracts students from all over the world, including Ukraine - the Eastern European country locked in severe military conflict since last year. New Wittenborg student, Iryna Bernatska, described in an interview how the… read more

"What would trigger Russian students to study abroad, particularly in the Netherlands?"

This question was explored by Russian expert, Nadia Sintotskaya, who gave a guest lecture at Wittenborg University this week on “the Russian psyche”.… read more

Private universities of applied science, like Wittenborg, received praise for the quality of its education and its professionalism from the Dutch inspectorate of education in its 2013-2014 report on the state of education in the Netherlands.… read more

Universities offering joint study programmes and double degrees –  as Wittenborg University does in partnership with the University of Brighton in the UK – add extra value to its students on the international labour market.

Such is… read more

WUP 9/4/2015 - A 10% Rise in Wittenborg Students Participating in NSE Survey - Students at Wittenborg University are finding it increasingly important to make their voices heard!

Almost 40% took part in the National Student Survey (… read more

Universities in the Netherlands is seen as an attractive and cheaper alternative for Russian students wishing to study abroad, but feeling stranded by the depreciation of their currency caused by the immense political pressure Russia is facing… read more

According to Event Management Blog Sites, the word defining the event industry for 2015 is” drench” and Director Peter Birdsall, discussed this and other aspects of the modern business to business event at the Event15 fair held today in the… read more

The country increased its share of institutions in a global ranking of universities who enjoys the most respect and admiration from leading academics around the world.

The results of the Times Higher Education (THE) World… read more

Wittenborg University is pleased to be attending the ICEF Workshop in Moscow this weekend and its Director of International Relations, Mr Peter Birdsall, has a full schedule booked to speak to agents from around Russia and its neighbouring… read more

What are the obstacles and the barriers preventing SME’s from adopting sustainable solutions for renewable energy? Wittenborg University, one of the Dutch partners of the GREAT-project, recently explored this question by doing small-… read more

People who spend at least part of their studies abroad are more creative in solving problems, find a job quicker and often their starter salaries are higher than that of their peers. This is according to Freddy Weima, chairperson of EP-… read more

Students wishing to experience life in China can join Wittenborg’s annual Shanghai Business Field Trip which will take place from 5 – 14 June 2015. Bachelor, Master and MBA students are all welcome to come along - the deadline for applications is… read more

WUP 13/3/2015 - Korean Student Lands Internship after Project Week Presentation Impresses Company Manager

When Korean student, Jungmin Yu, prepared for her Project Week presentation on Friday, little did she know it would land her a… read more

WUP 10/3/2015 – Wittenborg Unveils New Website, Complements Bold Plans for the Future - Wittenborg University’s launched its new website on Monday, featuring stylistic changes that reflect its vision for the future and highlighting how far… read more

Wittenborg Directors meet with the Wittenborg University “Face of 2007”  Wittenborg University has many alumni, and most graduates gain a job within a month of graduation, however Ray Yu and Cindy Chen from Wenzhou China were examples of… read more

Dr Saskia Harkema, senior lecturer and researcher at Wittenborg University, now also teaches high-flying executives at the International School of Management in Paris, France. She says having taught at different European institutes not… read more

There are only 4 days left for students to fill in the 2015 National Student Survey! The deadline for the NSE-survey is on Sunday, 8 March. By participating, students provide valuable information to Wittenborg University which is used to… read more

Wittenborg University of Applied Science is delighted to welcome its first Academic Dean, Dr Jacques Kaat (PhD), whose appointment will be effective as of 1 March 2015. Before joing Wittenborg, Dr Kaat was the Academic Director at Webster… read more

“An explosive, positive reaction.”  This is how Wittenborg’s Chairman of the Executive Board, Peter Birdsall, describes the huge number of enquiries the university has received from prospective students since registration for the… read more

There is a new face in the management team of Wittenborg University. Dr Jan Waalkens has been appointed as Wittenborg’s new Commercial Director (Netherlands) as of 1 March 2015. Some of his main responsibilities will be enlarging and… read more

Teaching at universities in Germany as well as the Netherlands means a lot of early mornings and time spent on the road for new Wittenborg lecturer, Muhammad Ashfaq. Yet the energy and enthusiasm he exudes doesn’t give you any clue about… read more

WUP 19/2/2015 - High Rise in International Students for The Netherlands - The number of international students coming to the Netherlands has risen with 8.3% in the 2014-2015 academic year with a “spectacular” growth of almost 23% in the… read more

WUP 16/2/2015 As Wittenborg University Master students pick up their prestigious MSc degrees at the Dome in Brighton, it is announced that International students can now apply for Holland Scholarships! Wittenborg University, part of programme has… read more

Wittenborg University has signed a pledge with 11 other parties in the public, private and higher education sector which promotes an agenda for the responsible use of natural resources, innovation and the production of clean technology in the… read more

Today sees the launch of the Dutch National Student Survey (NSE) 2015 at most Higher Education Institutions across the Netherlands. The National Student Survey gives all higher education students the opportunity to give their opinions on what… read more

Master of Science graduates from Wittenborg University who received their MSc degree at the 2015 Winter Graduation Ceremony on Friday will get a second degree from the University of Brighton on 13 February 2015. Wittenborg's Chair of the… read more

The secrets of a super achiever: Wittenborg's top IBA-graduate Maike Nuyken shares her study tips! What is the secret to graduating at the top of your class? One graduate who knows the answer to this question is German student, Maike Nuyken… read more

WUP 6/2/2015 - Wittenborg University Winter Graduation Ceremony - There was special cause for celebration at Wittenborg University’s Winter Graduation Ceremony this year: The university presented its first group of Master of Science graduates to… read more

Wittenborg University has added a Norwegian as well as a Palestinian student to its huge array of international students.

The students are part of 25 new-comers who will commence their studies at Wittenborg on Monday when Block 5 kicks… read more

Wittenborg University received high praise at the Cleantech Tomorrow Event this week for the economic tools it has developed to inspire innovative business ideas in the clean energy field and to encourage SME’s to get engaged in the use of green… read more

With the introduction of the new student loan system in the Netherlands, British and other EU students will be able to take out a student loan of up to 10,000 euro to cover their tuition fees.

If British or EU students have 56 hours of… read more

WUP 2/2/2015 – Wittenborg @ Sport  - Staff and Students bare the cold to run the Apeldoorn Winter ‘Marathon’ – at actually ‘only’ 8 kilometers the run, organized by the city of Apeldoorn and many local companies and organisations, was a… read more

Wittenborg University said goodbye to long-standing staff member and senior lecturer, Karin Pelle, on Monday.

While colleagues expressed sadness about the loss of a valued member of the Wittenborg team, they wished her well in her next… read more

As part of an interview-series with alumni from Wittenborg University, we caught up with Ben Visser, a Dutchman who is a sales engineer in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Ben regularly hangs out with old classmates from Wittenborg who also live and… read more

Several students and staff members of Wittenborg University will take part in the Apeldoorn  Midwinter 'Marathon' on Sunday and they need your support!

More than 13 700 people are expected to take part in the race which features… read more

Experts from Wittenborg University will present a workshop at the second annual Cleantech Tomorrow Event on 2 and 3 February in Apeldoorn. The event focuses on the use and production of clean technology by… read more

((Watch the video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImHoNQ0kMaY)

Wittenborg University is growing! Due to a steady rise in student numbers and rapid program developments, Wittenborg University will expand to a new building this summer… read more

WUP 23/1/2015 - Spoorstraat 23 - Wittenborg University expands to a new building, also near the railway… read more

From 1 September 2015 new Dutch and EU students who need financial assistance qualify for a study loan of up to €1 016 per month, with which they can pay their study fees. Wittenborg students pay around €525- a month in tuition fees, leaving €491… read more

This week Wittenborg University’s applied research professor in corporate sustainability, dr Teun Wolters, presented the first of a Working Paper series.

As he explains, having Working Papers – which presents initial research outcomes and… read more

More than 70 staff and family enjoyed the annual Wittenborg New Year’s dinner on Friday, which included the traditional New Year’s “Address” by Chairman of the Board, Peter Birdsall, which looked back at the numerous achievements in 2014 and… read more

WUP 15/1/2015 - Changes to income requirements for international students and workers in the Netherlands - New changes to the income criteria for international students wishing to Study in Holland and migrants wishing to work in the… read more

International students will not be obliged to follow a Dutch language course if they want to study in the Netherlands.

This assurance was recently given in parliament by the Dutch Minister of… read more

For international students wishing to make a career in The Netherlands after completing their studies here, some of the mysteries of the Dutch labour market has now been unraveled.

The Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation… read more

This week, a group of around 50 international students representing more than 40 nationalities, were given a tour the Smurfit Kappa factory in the nearby town of Deventer. This global company welcomed Wittenborg’s students with a tour and some… read more

Wittenborg University was represented by its former students Ben Visser and Miss Tran Minh at a meeting of Alumni who had studied in Holland.

The event, held by representatives of the Dutch Neso offices, now merged with the Dutch embassy… read more

Alumni from Wittenborg University who have carved out brilliant careers for themselves can be found all over the world. A case in point is Lasantha de Silva who graduated at the top of his class in 2008 and is now serving as Director Higher… read more

WUP 12/12/2014 - Joining Wittenborg's Alumni Network - why it should matter to you! Today Wittenborg published its first Alumni Newsletter, planned as a quarterly and is reaching out to all the students who have graduated since Wittenborg… read more

Wittenborg University Master of Science students were joined by their tutors, Esther, Karin and Rauf, front office manager Eva and Director of Education Peter Birdsall for a High Tea in one of Apedoorn's central coffee and tea… read more

WUP 10/12/2014 -Anesca Smith - Interview with Wittenborg Lecturer Emiel Schiphorst and his tips for growing a company - What distinguishes Wittenborg University staff are not only their diverse cultures, but also the fact that all boast… read more

WUP 05/12/2014 - New Dutch Student Loans System to Start in 2015 - Despite continued protests, it’s becoming evident that new Dutch students starting with their… read more

WUP 01/12/2014 - Networking Event for Vietnamese Alumni! -

Calling all Vietnamese alumni who studied in the Netherlands! 

Next Friday, on 12 December 2014, the Dutch Consulate General in Vietnam and… read more

From September 2015, students will be able to choose from 3 new specialisations in the IBA Bachelor programme. Event Management and Tourism are already offered at Master, in a joint programme with the University of Brighton, that leads to the UK… read more

After a series of successful campaigns to promote sustainable energy and encourage SME’s to get involved in the European GREAT-project, Wittenborg University which is a partner in the project, is now taking the message to potential students… read more

"Study in Holland" - very attractive to the majority of prospective international students - work experience during the study considered a major attraction! The Netherlands is considered a highly attractive study destination for… read more

Wittenborg’s Anesca Smith speaks to Wittenborg University’s leading researcher Dr Mirjam Leloux about her current role as expert panel member at next week’s Dutch RCT Innovation Week. Dr Mirjam Leloux, senior lecturer and researcher in… read more

As of this week Wittenborg University can add another feather to its cap – it has today signed an agreement to become an Education Partner with the Netherlands Institute for Marketing (NIMA), which is the professional association and exam… read more

On Wednesday, Dutch education Minister, Jet Bussemaker, paid a visit to two private universities of applied science in the Netherlands, TMO - the Fashion Business School on Doorn and IVA, the Automotive Business School in Driebergen. Both… read more

Calling all prospective students! Mid-autumn means it is time again for the NXTLVL Open Evenings which will be held in Apeldoorn this week. 

The Open Evenings are an opportunity for Dutch institutes of higher education, like… read more

The Netherlands African Business Council (NABC) has urged the Dutch government not to close any more embassies in Africa.

The NABC’s business services manager, Thijs Rutgers, made the appeal at Wittenborg University’s African Business-to-… read more

In a manner that might even impress Sir Alan Sugar of the BBC’s Apprentice programme, there were some frantic last-minute business dealings last Friday afternoon as Wittenborg Bachelor of Business Administration students competed in groups… read more

WUP 7/11/2014 – Africa Event 2014 a great success! - From excellent speakers, an engaging audience and an African dance group that had everyone on their feet - all-in-all, Wittenborg University’s African Business-to-Business Event was a raging… read more

This is how visiting professor James Bowen PhD from the University of Ottawa described the second online game-based simulation session he is teaching at Wittenborg University as part of Project Week this week. The first one, with 80 students, was… read more

A recent example of this is two African students from Wittenborg who recently completed research assignments for local company, DUBOS B.V. that currently imports wood from Romania. The two Wittenborg students, Agnes Dzomo and Serge Gwabene,… read more

The EuroBA is a unique international hospitality management bachelor programme that sees its students study in 3 different European countries during the course of 3 years. Wittenborg currently has 5 students studying their 2nd year at Angell… read more

Prospective Master of Science students wishing to prepare themselves for their chosen MSc programme can now combine it with a half-year Pre-Master course for an additional fee of only €1.700! Wittenborg University this month launched its unique… read more

Wittenborg’s social media advertising on Facebook – “likes” getting out of proportion?  - In a world obsessed with social-media there can be no doubt about the value of social networks like Facebook and Twitter to boost a business’ public… read more

He has quit his job as a very successful sales and marketing manager traveling the world and now Alexander Bauer, who has a PhD degree in International Business Management, has brought his expertise to Wittenborg University as one of the latest… read more

To promote sustainable energy and its involvement in the European GREAT-project, Wittenborg University last week joined stakeholders at an information and networking event about “Smart Grids”. Wittenborg was represented by Director Maggie… read more

This was the message of the Dutch minister of Higher Education, Jet Bussemaker, while touring various Universities around the country this month. Bussemaker made her remarks as she kicked off the tour at Stenden University in the north of… read more

AFRICAN BUSINESS EVENT 6 NOVEMBER 2014 16:00 - 19:00 (Welcome and Drinks from 15:30)


read more

The new Apeldoorn Business Campus, part of a project dreamt up by a Wittenborg student in 2012 is situated in the building formally base to Achmea Insurance. Two years ago, Wittenborg students were involved in a project to suggest new… read more

Wittenborg University this week welcomed its latest cohort of Master of Science students taking part in a two-day introduction course before starting officially with their degree programme on Thursday. Wittenborg’s MSc-degree programmes in… read more

The 10 students from the Shanghai Business School who were hosted by Wittenborg University this week said goodbye to the Netherlands today after a packed week of cultural exchange, fun and learning.The group, who were accompanied by a lecturer… read more

Wittenborg University today presented the GREAT-project, an ambitious European research project the university is one of only two Dutch partners in, at the official opening of the CleanTech Centre in Zuthpen on Saturday between 13:00 and 16:00.… read more

Last week Wittenborg was one of the  exhibitors at the Education Fair in Eindhoven. Around one-hundred Educational Institutes were represented at the Fair, ranging from vocational education to universities, both privately funded and… read more

Wittenborg University today welcomed ten exchange students from the Shanghai Business School accompanied by one of their lecturers at the Apeldoorn campus today. The group from Shanghai will enjoy almost a week’s stay in the Netherlands with… read more

Wittenborg took part last week, in a national strategic discussion of internationalization in higher education in the Netherlands (SOI) that was held at Saxion Universities in Deventer. The meeting, one of a regularly planned meetings in which… read more

The GREAT-project (Growing Renewable Energy Applications and Technologies) of which Wittenborg University is a partner is going from strength to strength and was successfully presented in Ireland recently. GREAT is a cross-border EU-funded… read more

Wittenborg’s Admission and Marketing Officers will be attending three big fairs this year in the South, North and Middle of the Netherlands to promote Wittenborg’s programmes amongst Dutch students and raise brand awareness.

The… read more

Wittenborg University was among a few select Dutch institutes and companies invited by the Indonesian embassy to meet with a delegation from its country in Apeldoorn this week with a view of strengthening business and social-economic relations.… read more

Holland was ranked by many agents as one of the top study destinations in Europe, and with such a high amount of interest, the Wittenborg University table was extremely busy, holding 48 meetings with study abroad agents from more than 20… read more

The first Project Week of Academic year 2014-2015 has arrived and The group of 75 students came together in the Aventus Auditorium for the kick-off meeting. Amongst the first and second year Bachelor students were over 30 new… read more

WUP 13-14-15/9/2014 - Wittenborg University at the ICEF Higher Education Workshop, Prague -  Wittenborg University is pleased to be attending the ICEF Workshop in Prague this weekend and its Academic Director, Mr Peter Birdsall, has a full… read more

British education in the Netherlands? It’s actually a mixture of the best of both worlds, at the 100% English speaking Wittenborg University! Offering Bachelor programmes in areas such as economics, marketing,… read more

Members of Wittenborg University research team and lecturers on the Master of Science Programmes in Hospitality, Events and Tourism joined colleagues from partner ANGELL Akademie (Freiburg Germany) in a partnership workshop hosted and run by… read more

“Twelve Months Sustainable” Two entrepreneurs, Jorn Huiskamp and Hans van Enck, had enthusiastically called together a group of interested friends and business relations to launch their initiative to transform ideas about sustainability into… read more

As the Wittenborg team opens the academic year with its usual round of teacher and support staff meetings, an even more “international feeling” was felt by all, with staff from around the globe. Recent new figures have… read more

Prospective students who have missed the September-deadline for admission to Wittenborg University’s undergraduate programmes need not to fear - there are still two (Bachelor / Undergraduate) entry dates possible in 2014! The next intakes… read more

New students got a crash course in academic life at Wittenborg University during Introduction Week with the institute recording yet another rise in the number of new admissions at the start of its academic year.  Proving ever more popular is… read more

Wittenborg University is pleased to launch its new Bachelor in Hospitality Management programme, a combined curriculum between the IBA Hospitality and the joint EuroBA programme offered with partner the University of Brighton. According… read more

Final-year Dutch student, Marcos Voets, graduated this summer from the University of Brighton in the UK thanks to Wittenborg University’s partnership with the institute. Marcos will earn a double degree when he also graduates from Wittenborg… read more

The Wittenborg admissions team is once again expecting to break records with the number of new students starting in September which kicks off the coming academic year. Bachelor admissions for October and December starts are also booming. … read more

Nuffic will set up new Neso offices in South Africa, as well as Turkey in 2015. This will be done in close collaboration with the Dutch higher education institutions, Nuffic announced this week. 

It singled out South Africa in… read more

WUP 7/8/14 - Employment and Interculturalisation in the MBA -  The cultural diversity at Wittenborg University not only heightens students’ employability after graduation but also equips them to perform well… read more

Three EuroBA students from Wittenborg’s partner institute in France, Ecole de Savignac, is living their dream after successfully raising enough money on the crowdfunding platform Kiss Kiss Bank Bank to start their own… read more

As of this summer the Netherlands Education Support Offices (Neso’s) in Thailand and South-Korea will conduct its activities from the embassy buildings in Bangkok and Seoul. 

Due to budgetary cuts Nuffic announced last year it intends… read more

Wittenborg University’s 2014 Summer Graduation Ceremony last weekend was a glamorous and joyful affair - distinguished this year by the fact that all graduates were female.

University director, Peter Birdsall, also gave a glimpse… read more

Institutes of higher education embracing internationalization needs to define it beyond the mere movement of students, but also assess its impact on people.   

This was one of the comments on the recently launched “Global Survey… read more

– a new online game coming for International Students who want to Study In Holland! An online game teaching international students basic Dutch language skills will be launched next summer to help them integrate quicker into Dutch society and make… read more

WUP 19/7/2014

 - Good news if you are interested in doing an MBA programme! Admissions are now open for Wittenborg University’s newly accredited Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme which will start in September 2014… read more

Wittenborg closes academic year with a Graduation Ceremony and a “Meet & Greet – Happy Holidays event”, held at the Apeldoorn City Hall. Happy Graduates from Block 7 Graduation were awarded their Bachelor degrees, and 5 students… read more

The Dutch government’s decision to make €5 million available annually for bursaries which will be allocated to international as well as Dutch students, has been widely welcomed. A new scholarship program will be created whereby 1000… read more

Wittenborg University is pleased to announce that it has received an unconditional accreditation for its new MBA programme from German accreditation body FIBAA.

The MBA accreditation is valid from September 2014 until 31 August 2019. "The… read more

- the Summer break officially starts next week! What are your holiday plans? For International students, one of the great things about studying in a European country like the Netherlands is the relative ease with which you can travel to a… read more

Creating a “Research Environment” at a small University of Applied Sciences is seen as a major element of its research strategy, and it is Wittenborg’s aim to develop a research environment that involves the interaction of staff and students… read more

Talk about a cool job. When Wittenborg student, Rebecca Wambrauw, started looking for an internship she never imagined she would end up at MTV (now part of Viacom Media Networks). In an interview she dishes about what she did, who she met and… read more

The Brazilian government has announced the continuation of its Science without Borders Programme. From 2015, another 100,000 scholarships will be made available.  By the end of this year the Netherlands would have already received 1 500… read more

Reasons to Study in Holland for Serious Students!

- Great economy, and possibility to stay and work after graduation

read more

Wittenborg Students lucky enough to live in one of the University “Spacebox” accommodation units were closest to enjoy this weekend’s festivities at the annual Apeldoorn Dragon Boat Races, that take place on the canal next to the Spacebox studios… read more

Students interested in doing one of Wittenborg University’s three Master of Science programs (International Hospitality, International Tourism and International Event Management) got a taste of what to expect when they attended the university’s… read more

- thanks in part to a global upswing in sectors such as ICT and hospitality services - two of the programmes offered at Wittenborg University on a bachelor and master level. An increased number of student applications reflect the economic growth… read more

After a smooth trip from Apeldoorn to the Hague with the bus, the group met Wittenborg law lecturer Jurriën Güth at the Binnenhof and walked to Pro Demos, while oohing and ahhing at the architecture of the place. The guide from Pro Demos showed… read more

It’s Official: - International students from a total of 13 countries will soon be exempted from taking an English language test prior to studying in the Netherlands - and more countries might be added to the list in the next five years. As… read more

Wittenborg University says it would welcome a dedicated fund from the Dutch government aimed at scholarships for international students - provided all institutes would benefit from it.

This follows a warning this week from universities and… read more

Update 11pm 13/6/2014 - The Dutch beat Spain in their opening match and Wittenborg University Students watch together in the centre of Apeldoorn! Hup Holland! 

Last night the World Championship opening ceremony was broadcast… read more

Hello everyone – here is our last 2 day report from the heat of Shanghai, China!

Saturday started as one of the hottest days so far. The bus picked us up at 09:30 so we were able to sleep until a little… read more

Today was a very interesting day. Our  journey started off with a visit to the instrumental factory,  it was Amazing! The factory consisted of the many Chinese instruments, the Gu zheng (harp), Sheng (flute),  and the Anklung. We… read more

English as a medium of instruction is gaining more and more ground in schools and universities around the world including the Netherlands, a global research project by the British Council and Oxford University in the UK has found. “English is… read more

Wittenborg University Students on a Project Week in Shanghai -Update: Day 3 - The morning started with a meeting at 08:30 at the lobby of the hotel where we waited for the bus to bring us to the Shanghai Business School. We had a little bit… read more

Today, the Commission for the Code of Conduct for International Students in the Netherlands, that represents Dutch Universities, offering degree courses to international students, issued a list of countries and relevant high-school diplomas that… read more

Students to create e-learning test for Pipeliner Streamed Sales Training (PSST) 

There is laughter coming from room B0.40 at Wittenborg University. You can hear the students down in the corridor. Mr. Tim Birdsall, without losing focus on his… read more

Hello everybody!   Many greetings from Shanghai!   Sit back and enjoy the story of the second 'real' day of our trip! Our day started after 3 students from the Shanghai Business School came to the hotel to pick us up. Then we… read more

A team of nine students from Wittenborg University will fly off to Shanghai on Friday as part of an international project week, co-organized with Wittenborg’s partner in China, the Shanghai Business School.  

The annual Chinese… read more

WUP 26/5/2014 – New Bachelor of International Business Administration Students Starting in Block 7 talk to WUP  - One of the new students starting Block 7 at Wittenborg University last week is Maureen Jakpa, from Nigeria where the recent… read more

WUP 23/5/2014 – The Netherlands still accepts TOEFL and TOEIC tests for applications from international students wishing to study at Higher Education institutes in Holland.

Recently, the UK has stopped… read more

Open Day Master Programmes - June 26th 2014 in Apeldoorn!

Students interested in the 3 Master Programmes in International Hospitality, International Tourism and International Event Management will all… read more

Results from the 2014 National Student Survey (NSE) measuring students’ satisfaction shows Wittenborg University did not only improve on its score from last year, but also beat the national average as far as its students are concerned.… read more

At 19.00 o’clock this evening Wittenborg University students entered the ‘Raadzaal’ at the Apeldoorn City Hall, fully prepared to be asked about their opinions on the European Union and how it affects their… read more

This is according to Universitas 21, the international network of research universities, who commissioned the project.

One of the factors boosting a country’s ranking was whether its universities have a high proportion of international… read more

This week, Michelle Song, director at Internship Booking, paid a visit to Wittenborg University to inform interested students about her organization and possibilities for internships in China.

Michelle and her team operate from their head… read more

High-level education officials from the Shanghai Business School visited Wittenborg University today and held talks in which an exciting new student exchange partnership between the two institutes was provisionally agreed on. 

If all… read more

Students taking notes on their laptops have become common - even at Wittenborg University! However, a new study has found students remember a lecture much easier if they take notes the old-fashioned way - by hand - and consequently perform better… read more

Chinese students enjoy more choice in international higher education than ever before, and they are certainly taking the chance to study in a great variety of subjects in countries around the world.

When a comparatively  small number… read more

Like the Dutch government, the UK Higher Education authorities have been urging for more and more information to be provided to prospective University students to help them make the right decisions about the course they intend to take. However,… read more

Many a successful professional will attest they owe their careers to the quality of education they received at university. 

Therefore, Wittenborg University is renewing its efforts to create an active alumni network. We are not only… read more

First and second year Bachelor  students came together in April for this Block’s Project Week. Netherlands based, American film director and producer Kevin Lee explained the scope and goals of the project. Mr Lee, who has made the University… read more

Internationalism, internationalisation, international content - is the word ‘international' outdated? During a recent accreditation visit to Wittenborg by a panel of experts, for a new Master (MBA) programme, a debate was initiated regarding… read more

As part of accrediting a new Master program at Wittenborg University, the i-MBA (International Master of Business Administration), current students and graduates of the university were recently interviewed by a panel of experts in quality… read more

Admission into programmes at Wittenborg is governed by the Graduation & Examination Board that empowers the Student Registrar to admit students based on pre-defined criteria. 

In cases where applicants have deviating… read more

The Netherlands Education Support Office (Neso) in Vietnam has been given a lifeline after initial plans to shut it down have now seemingly been altered.

NUFFIC announced on its website that as of 1 May the Neso in Vietnam will be… read more

Wittenborg University received a visit from representatives of the international Dutch organisation Nuffic this week smoothing the way for enhanced information exchange and cooperation on international education between the two organisations… read more


WUP 13/4/2014 – The International Classroom – Wittenborg University Bachelor of International Business… read more

a Hospitality Management Degree? - Wittenborg's Anesca Smith interviews Esther Gitonga, lecturer at Wittenborg University in the field of Hospitality & Tourism, and part of the European Hospitality Management programme team. The “EuroBA” is a… read more

Master of Science International Event Management student Myra Qiu helps support the Wittenborg team in at the yearly Expo. Almost 220 companies showcased the latest trends in the events industry at the prestigious Events14 exhibition that took… read more

The ministry of education is currently in talks with the ministry of justice about changes to regulations that will ease the way for retaining talented foreign graduates. The duration of the job search year (the so-called “zoekjaar”) is part of… read more

Every year organisers, suppliers and professionals in the event industry come together in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht to share their knowledge and experience and Wittenborg will be there promoting its Master of Science degree programme in… read more

18 new students from 9 different countries, including the Netherlands, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mozambique, Colombia, the USA and Sri Lanka. Wittenborg University has 6 starts and 6 graduation moments a year of its Bachelor… read more

Wittenborg University was represented by its Director of Studies, Peter Birdsall, at the 2014 ICEF Moscow event. The workshop brought together more than 200 study abroad representatives from Russia and it's neighbouring countries with education… read more

Wittenborg University is currently in the process of validating and accrediting a new Master programme, the MBA (International Master of Business Administration). The programme will combine traditional MBA subjects with the opportunity… read more

A Master degree in Management is generally geared towards people who are looking to gain employment in senior management in companies and organisations around the world, in areas of general service management or strategic development… read more

This new WebApp will provide information about visa for the Netherlands, insurance, residence permits for the Netherlands, and working in the Netherlands for International Students! This new web application is aimed at Universities… read more

Apeldoorn’s Alderman responsible for education, Johan Kruithof, draws the prize for students who entered the lottery for those who had completed the National Student Survey, which closes on Sunday. The lucky winner, EuroBA student Desneige… read more

The Dutch minister of education, culture and science, Jet Bussemaker, took a keen interest in students at Wittenborg University when she visited Apeldoorn on Monday ahead of the local government elections that takes place in two weeks.

read more

Speaking to management and students at the Wittenborg campus today, Minister Jet Bussemaker was given a taste of international education in the Netherlands.

Minister Jet Bussemaker, Alderman Johan Kruithof, and local Labour Party council… read more

Despite its slashed budget, Nuffic will invest €2 million over two years to intensify the activities of its Netherlands Education Support Offices (Neso’s) in countries it deems of strategic importance - notably Turkey, South Africa, South America… read more

Wittenborg University boasts a substantial number of Chinese students and of all the non- EU countries, China contributed the highest number of incoming students (6 380) to the Netherlands’ higher education system in the 2012-13 academic year.… read more

The European Students’ Union (ESU) have warned Switzerland is on a “slippery slope” of isolating its students and academics from the outside world. The Netherlands rejoice as one of the most popular mainland European destinations for students as… read more

"Wittenborg University students Bogdana Golovenko and Desneige Kronenburg visited ANGELL Academy in Freiburg- Germany on Monday the 17th-02-2014. Both students are following the EuroBA curriculum, a 3 year hotel school programme (… read more

Netherlands Premier keeping in touch with Wittenborg Students - Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte, exclusively invited Wittenborg graduates last night to contact him and elaborate further on the obstacles they face in the Dutch labour market upon… read more

Speaking to Wittenborg University students this afternoon, the Dutch premier emphasised that his government was doing everything it could to stimulate the chances for knowledge migrants from around the world to settle and work in the… read more

WUP 17/2/2014 – A Master degree in Tourism, trends for the future – As Wittenborg University’s Master of Science degree in International Tourism, offered jointly with the University of Brighton, WUP looks at the current trends in international… read more

With some recommendations it has updated its web pages regarding the quality systems. The National Commission for International students in the Netherlands is responsible for the governance of the Code of Conduct that 76 Dutch higher… read more

Entrepreneurs are among the happiest people in the world when it comes to individual well-being and satisfaction with their work conditions.

This is according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor’s 2013 report that was released recently… read more

Wittenborg University’s students attended one of Europe’s largest trade shows held in Amsterdam last week - the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) Fair.

More than 950 exhibitors occupied 36 000 net square meters in… read more

“Blood, sweat and tears...” This is how one of Wittenborg’s latest graduates, Maaike Wiersma, says she survived some of the more challenging modules on her way to successfully completing her bachelor degree in International Business… read more

Entrepreneurs are people who take great risks - often with limited finance - to start their own companies. They might be motivated by passion or simply by seeing an opportunity in the market. Wittenborg University’s Bachelor in Entrepreneurship (… read more

The Netherlands has surpassed Switzerland as the country with the fastest internet connection in Europe. Good for students in the Netherlands!

This is according to a report “The State of the Internet” by the Akamai research group. Globally… read more

As one of the most international institutes in the Netherlands, with over 80% of its students coming from outside the country, Wittenborg brings a genuine boost to the local economy. Countries who host international students gain… read more

Anesca Smith talks to new staff member Florian Oosterberg - Wittenborg University has a new student admissions administrator and China desk officer, Florian Oosterberg. In an interview the Dutch native explains how easy it was to learn… read more

Excitement is building ahead of Wittenborg University’s not-to-miss Shanghai business field trip which will take place from the 31st of May until the 8th of June. 

The annual trip is a joint effort between Wittenborg and its… read more

WUP 28/1/2014 - A Bachelor in Real Estate Management - Though the recession has taken a heavy toll on property markets the past few years, the industry is slowly regaining its strength and a career in real estate can still be a very lucrative and… read more

Nuffic’s Study in Holland campaign face with Dutch government cuts

Faced with severe budget cuts, NUFFIC has announced it will shut down three of its worldwide Neso’s (Netherlands Education Support Office’s) while two others will be reduced to… read more

On Friday Wittenborg University’s  lecturers, supporting staff and board members were joined by their partners Wittenborg’s annual New Year dinner at a Restaurant in the village of Twello, just outside Apeldoorn.

The annual Wittenborg… read more

 Like Brazil, Russia is starting a major funding project to send their students to study abroad in countries like the Netherlands.

Russian president, Vladimir Putin, signed a decree making grants available for Russian students wishing… read more

WUP 16/1/2012 - Study in Holland? Healthy Eating in Holland! - Despite recent food scandals like horse meat sold as beef, the Netherlands has been ranked as the best place to eat in the world.

Oxfam has compiled a global snapshot of the… read more

Today sees the launch of the Dutch National Student Survey (NSE) 2014 at most Higher Education Institutions across the Netherlands. The… read more

The Dutch government’s plan “Make it in the Netherlands”, aimed at attracting talented international students, has gained support from the majority of members in parliament’s House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer), but has been… read more

Wittenborg director, Maggie Feng, explains in an interview with WUP's Anesca Smith, that students and staff can look forward to many new initiatives - this include better accommodation, closer cooperation between Wittenborg and businesses as well… read more


Wittenborg University Wishes You

A Happy and Successful



January 1st 2014 sees EU member states welcome fellow European workers from Bulgaria and Romania, who are now allowed to travel to work throughout all Union countries.

Although nationally, in the UK and also in the Netherlands, there has… read more

WUP 21/12/2013 - What a year 2013 has been! - Anesca Smith looks back over the year!

Wittenborg University made big strides in developing the quality of its academic programs and expanding its reach, including a successful… read more

Wittenborg University Management and Support staff would like to wish all students and fellow staff, teachers and lecturers a wonderful Christmas break and look forward to a fantastic… read more

WUP 18/12/2013 - Combining a part-time MSc with a day job and a family – a tough option? - This September Wittenborg University admitted a number of students who are also lecturers in their own right to its master… read more

Neso Indonesia (Nuffic) has launched the 14th edition of StuNed and the third edition of the Orange Tulip Scholarship (OTS) for Indonesian students with the talent and ambition to study in the Netherlands. Wittenborg is please to be… read more

Student organizations have welcomed the Dutch cabinet’s decision to delay their plan of replacing Dutch Master students’ grants with student loans. The minister of education, Jet Bussemaker, confirmed last week that the new system will not… read more

The Dutch government has rolled out a five-step plan to retain talented, international students in the Netherlands by making it more attractive for them to enter the Dutch labour market after their studies.

A survey has shown that 70% of… read more

The Orange Tulip Scholarship Programme is offered by a number of Dutch Neso Offices around the world, and Wittenborg University offers Fee Waiver Scholarships for students in China and in Indonesia. Yesterday, Neso Beijing announced… read more

With a unique block system, in which students follow modules that span a compact six week block, the Bachelor programmes allow students to enter the programmes six times a year and graduate at six possible… read more

WUP 5/12/2013 - inspiring drive, motivation, respect and hope..

we will remember

The Master of Science in International Event Management is aimed at a range of students and practitioners from different backgrounds. Although the MSc programme will be suited to business professionals from a broad range of business… read more

It has been almost three months since the start of the Master of Science programmes - International Hospitality Management, International Event Management and International Tourism Management - jointly delivered by Wittenborg University and the… read more

Why Study Business Administration? - Dr Teun Wolters, senior lecturer and head of Wittenborg University’s Research Centre, does not believe young people entering today’s business market only care about making money. In fact, dare to suggest… read more

Four master-level students had the opportunity to visit hotels in the Apeldoorn-region last week as part of the Master of Science International Hospitality Management program they are following at Wittenborg University.

The program is… read more

WUP 20/11/2013 - Open Evening at Wittenborg University - Despite the chilly weather, hundreds of learners have been attending the Nxtlvl open evenings held in this week in Apeldoorn where Dutch institutes of higher education, like Wittenborg… read more

It has been a whirlwind-month for Wittenborg’s new front desk and facility officer, Eva van Herel, who replaced Andy Fekete at the start of last month. We finally caught up with her for an interview since she will probably be the first port of… read more

The annual procession of Sinterklaas through Amsterdam takes place this Sunday on the 17th of November, but all eyes will be on his controversial “helper” Black Peter or “Zwarte Piet” as the Dutch call him.

Unlike Santa Claus, Sinterklaas… read more

The age of online-education has arrived, but are we ready for a world where playing games becomes a way of learning - even in higher education? - “No, we are not talking about kindergarden games or Monopoly either, but one that promises the… read more

Today, Bachelor students at Wittenborg University helped unleash the world’s first completely game and simulation driven MBA programme. Since 2012, Wittenborg University has been working with a team of international developers to create a… read more

Anesca Smith talks with 1st year students Carolina Lopez from Spain, who is part of the first group of students who this September started with the so-called EuroBA - or BA Hons International Hospitality Management -  a double degree… read more

Wittenborg will hold open evenings during the Apeldoorn Education Fair "Next Level” that is to be held in the Aventus Building, in which Wittenborg University is located. On Tuesday 19th November and on Thursday 21st November, visitors are… read more

 A recent major international survey has shown the Dutch are in the top three countries when it comes to high problem-solving skills as well as numeracy and literacy.

However, the report OECD-Skills Outlook 2013 has also exposed some… read more

This week, IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, has taken further steps to combat fraud in its examinations by not only taking a photo of test-takers, but also their fingerprints in jurisdictions where this is allowed.

read more

The EuroCHRIE Conference closed in Freiburg yesterday, with a number of final paper presentations, after a wonderful gala dinner evening at the Colombi Hotel, well known for its Michelin Star Restaurant.

The EuroCHRIE conference… read more

All members of the European Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) were present at the discussions about the EuroBA which lasted 2 days, and took place at the ANGELL Academy campus.

Issues that were discussed included progression… read more

“30 EC Credits -Minimum Speed Limit for Non-Eu students!”

On the 1st of June this year, the new, Modern Migration Policy was introduced by the Netherlands government, that covers visa and residence permits for non-EU students.

The… read more

Wittenborg has scored well in the national choice guide of higher education programmes in the Netherlands. The guide is called Keuzegids HBO Voltijd 2014 (Choice-Guide) and lists all full time Bachelor programmes offered in the Netherlands. … read more

Wittenborg welcomes students from Moscow and from Epe in Holland!

Last week a group of 15 Russian students from the High School of Young Politicians, associated with Moscow State University, arrived in Apeldoorn for a week of studies. These… read more

This summer I had the opportunity to work as a Visiting Professor in Kosovo, a small country with a rich history and the stage of heavy political discussions. The political status of Kosovo is the subject of a long-running political and… read more

One of the most familiar faces at Wittenborg University, in the past year, Andy Fekete, said goodbye today. As front desk and facility department officer, Andy is one of the first people new students meet upon arrival. During in his year at… read more

Students living in Wittenborg accommodation met their new housing manager assistants last week at the first tenants’ meeting of the new academic year. However, these three have been quietly doing their jobs for almost a month. In this interview,… read more

The Netherlands still leads the way in the number of English-taught Master degree programs in Europe for countries where English is not the primary language of instruction.

This is according to a report published by the Institute for… read more

After a successful start-up last week of the Master of Science 2013-2014 programmes, the second group of visiting academics from the University of Brighton, Wittenborg’s partner in the UK, have been teaching some of the programmes’ modules this… read more

Students to develop a marketing and sales plan for a new book, entitled “A Scotch Odyssey - The Distilleries of the Highlands and Islands by Vespa" Wittenborg University 1st and 2nd year undergraduate business students have been asked to… read more

The MSc programmes International Hospitality Management, International Event Management and International Tourism Management started at Wittenborg in Apeldoorn last week, with a two day induction followed by the first modules.

The 22… read more

As the joint Master degree programmes in International Event Management, International Tourism Management and International Hospitality Management get underway at Wittenborg University, the UK's Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) and the British… read more

WUP 5/9/2013 - Earlier this week, University Board Chair, Peter Birdsall, launched the start of the new academic year in his introduction to Undergraduate Bachelor and Postgraduate Master students and outlined the University development and… read more

Wittenborg students were part of a group of about 60 who took part in the activities  that went on from dusk to dawn, from the swimming pool to the bar. After the opening ceremony students were given a tour of their new city. After all… read more

While the rest of us were getting our tan on, the admissions team at Wittenborg University has been hard at work all summer. 

Under the leadership of registrar, Santosh Aryal, Wittenborg is this September admitting a record number of… read more

ANGELL Business School, will host the 2013 EuroCHRIE Conference from 16 - 19 October at its campus in the southern city of Freiburg. 

This year’s theme is “Cooperative Education & Research for Hospitality & Tourism … read more

After Britain and Germany, the Netherlands is the most popular study destination in Europe for students from around the world.

This is according to a report by the website Studyportals which also underlines the fact that international… read more

As the summer recess draws to a close, and the start of a new academic year looms, the so-called cucumber period ends. Wittenborg University Press (WUP)  will start to publish articles and news on Wittenborg Online, and the… read more

According to a new report by the British ministry of education, “huge opportunities” exist for countries that can supply in the growing need for international education coming from rising economic powers such as India, China, Brazil, Russia,… read more

Wittenborg University currently has 34 students from Africa - ranging from countries such as Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Nigeria to Libya. However, a recent study by Campus France has yielded interesting answers pertaining to the question of African… read more

It’s all quiet at Wittenborg during the summer break, but the admissions team are working at full strength, taking in applications to Wittenborg’s Bachelor and Master programmes for the various starts after the summer. 

The first… read more

The Netherlands has wheeled out the welcome wagon for international students by officially adopting the Modern Migration Policy Act on 1 June this year, thus simplifying application procedures for students wanting to come and study here. But what… read more

Aaaah.....summer! It is all about pool parties, flip flops, late-night concerts, ice-cream and no school. 

Well, that is our dream scenario. But since this is the Netherlands, the sunny weather could be over in 5 seconds, so if you do… read more

WUP 18/7/2013 - This month Last Friday, a group of Wittenborg’s International and Dutch students received their Bachelor Degrees, and talked about their experiences at Wittenborg during the past years. Anesca Smith… read more

September will see a new Education Act in the Netherlands entitled ‘Kwaliteit in Verscheidenheid Hoger Onderwijs’ which is literally translated as Quality in Diverse Higher Education. The Act will enable academic 3 year Bachelor programmes to be… read more

Last Friday, a group of Wittenborg’s International and Dutch students received their Bachelor Degrees, and talked about their experiences at Wittenborg during the past years. It’s Friday morning, the sun is out and the latest crop of… read more

A comprehensive plan on binding talented, foreign students to the Dutch economy will be presented by the cabinet in autumn. “International talent is very welcome in The Netherlands for study and a career,” the… read more

WUP 10/7/2013 Before the Summer break, Wittenborg signs party to agreement aiming to reduce unemployment in Stedendriehoek In June 2013, Wittenborg University signed party to the Akkoord van Beekbergen, an… read more

Wittenborg and Wine - A Unique Blend! If you asked Wittenborg University graduate Pouyan Kalanaki 4 years ago who he would be most likely to start a business with, fellow graduate Grigorios Pavlidis and Yvan Lopez would not have been his… read more

WUP 5/7/2013 - Apeldoorn “Back in Business” – Wittenborg Graduates Celebrate their degrees on the market Square in front of the City Hall together with acting deputy Mayor, Councilor Detlef Cziesso. Today, 20 Wittenborg University… read more

...students & staff talk about Nelson Mandela’s legacy while icon fights for his life in hospital

One of the greatest men of the 20th century, Nelson Mandela, is fighting for his life in hospital.

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Anesca is an experienced journalist and blogger and will be helping our team with the online articles and website pages in the coming year – as well as graduating from Wittenborg University of course. – Anesca (seems to have) changed her career… read more

The Dutch government is yet to announce which of its Nuffic Neso’s (Netherlands Education Support Offfices) worldwide face possible closure, but minister Bussemaker has insisted the services they deliver does not necessarily have… read more

Is it really the end of the year 2012- 2013?  The end of the 2012-2013 academic year came to an informal end with a barbecue organized by the Wittenborg Student Reps at the Spaceboxes, a student housing complex in “downtown” Apeldoorn.

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The final internship, more or less the last part of the bachelor program at Wittenborg University, is always a challenge, both for the student as it often is a first immersion in practice, and for the company in terms of whether the intern will… read more

The 2013 edition of Apeldoorn's Dragonboat Festival (Drakenboot Festival) takes place on the coming weekend - Friday 28th June, Saturday 29th June and Sunday 30th June. 

The festival is a… read more

Universities of Applied Sciences offer Bachelor and Master degree programmes that reflect a direct link to the professional field and have a firm element of job-oriented development in their curriculum.

Wittenborg University’s education… read more

Completing an Internship is sometimes overlooked as a minor step on the path towards graduation.  Finding a truly meaningful work placement, however, can prove more difficult than many students anticipate.  While searching for the right… read more

If you missed the Open Day for the Masters programmes last Friday at Wittenborg in Apeldoorn, then no problem - we will be taking applications for these programmes right through to August. The MSc degree programmes in International Hospitality… read more

WUP 12/6/2012 - Final Year student Noma Mabandla (Zimbabwe) reviews last week’s seminar given by Wittenborg’s Honorary Professor (Lector) Mr Fred de Graaf, President of the Dutch Senate (Voorzitter Eerste Kamer). 

Seminar Review: Fred de… read more

Every block; - 6 times a year Bachelor students are involved in project weeks that challenge them through real life, real time projects, organized by the University in cooperation with various companies and organisations, both… read more

Various economic theories deal with the question of how economic value can be created by the production of goods and services that are useful and valuable to people.  With value creation comes the question as to how the producers can capture… read more

WUP 6/6/2013 - Wittenborg University senior lecturer Dr Teun Wolters, today launched the publication of his new book 'Sustainable Value Creation as a Challenge to Controllers and Managers’- a first for Wittenborg, Apeldoorn's international… read more

Wittenborg University students met with President of the Dutch Senate Fred de Graaf this afternoon during a special seminar which included discussion ranging from the origins of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to modern economics and the role of… read more

Wittenborg University is pleased to facilitate a initiated research project in the field of healthcare, that will look at the long term sustainability of the healthcare system in the Netherlands, possibly leading to solutions that could be… read more

WUP 4/6/2013 - Wittenborg looking for new teaching staff in 2013! Wittenborg University is looking for new lecturers to strengthen its team for the 2013-2014 academic year, in the areas of Hospitality Management, International Events and Tourism… read more

Dutch education minister, Jet Bussemaker last week announced a further round of government cuts in higher education spending, this time on internationalization services. These won't have much effect at Wittenborg.

She announced that the… read more

Invitation to join us at the launch of Dr Teun Wolters' book Sustainable Value Creation – City Hall Apeldoorn, June 6 2013 at 12 o’clock. Wittenborg University is pleased to invite all its students, staff and relations to the launch of… read more

“It’s just getting better” is the reaction of Wittenborg students! “A residence card for the duration of my studies, without renewal fees – that’s great!”The Dutch Immigration Agency (IND) released some further information on next week’s… read more

On Friday 7th June Wittenborg and the University of Brighton opens its doors in Apeldoorn to prospective and interested students for its Master programmes in International Hospitality Management, International Tourism Management and … read more

Wittenborg is a truly business-minded university, the combination of theory and practice also inspires students, especially the young and aspirant entrepreneurs. One of them is Ayoub Sadik, born and raised in Tanzania and currently living in… read more

Want to study in China? Wittenborg University IBA students are offered the chance to spend a term of study (1/2 year) following modules at the Shanghai Finance University, as part of the degree programme. The modules, focusing on a variety… read more

 Wittenborg University offers 2 distinct Bachelor International Hospitality Management pathways - The Euro BA - a 3 Year BA Hons degree in International Hospitality Management -

The Euro BA is for the true international student! … read more

 Rafael, or Raf as his friends call him, is native to Graz, a medium-sized city in southeast Austria which boasts one of the country’s oldest universities.  Interested in a more international education, however, Raf decided to pursue a… read more

Wittenborg University opens its doors to interested students in 3 MSc programmes from the School of Hospitality and Service Management. The Full Time and Part Time MSc degree programmes start in September and last 1 and 2 years respectively.… read more

While the Dutch government is concerned about how to bind its non-EU graduates to the Netherlands in a bid to fill the gap that is developing in the source of knowledge workers, the Chinese government has just announced planes to drastically… read more

Whilst the Netherlands is increasingly looking at ways to bind their non-EU University graduates to the Dutch economy, a recent survey carried out by study abroad publishers "Hobsons" has revealed that the majority of students who head towards… read more

Germany is helping to instigate vocational education in China, through the Dual Method which combines working and learning. Companies such as Bosch and Siemens involved in projects coordinated by the German Chamber of Commerce are enabling… read more