Skills & Competencies

Leadership & Soft Skills  

Leadership Skills at Wittenborg University

Leadership and soft skills are an integral part of Wittenborg University programmes as they are recognised essential skills for successful employment;

Before, during and after the theory lectures and exams, Wittenborg University students are continually learning skills and competencies that are helpful in the work place.

Preparation for the internship plays an important role in key subjects are  taught and strengthened throughout the year. This includes Languages, Business English and a Personal Development Plan. 

Wittenborg students find the constant evaluation and coaching of their abilities tough and demanding. However, this means they will graduate as work ready with the potential to enter a career in an international organisation or company, in the knowledge that they have an edge on their competitors.

Wittenborg’s unique block system also allows for a unique examining system in which modules are examined in a whole day, and both knowledge but also a student’s skills and competencies are tested, in the forms of a closed book exam (knowledge) an Open Book Exam (application and competencies) and a presentation exam in which a student’s skills at presenting and explaining the answer to a research question are also evaluated, in relation to the subject.
Leadeship Skills at Wittenborg University Leadership skills at Wittenborg University