Aims and Objectives

Accelerate deployment of Smart Grid benefits in North West Europe (NWE). Smart Grid / Renewable Energy / Distributive generation provide opportunities for SMEs to achieve optimum synergies in this emerging sector. The project stimulates enterprises, develops innovations and creates employment; creates practices / policies that will help to push the third industrial revolution forward in NWE.

The project aims to:

a) Inform Regulatory and Policy Actors of the opportunities Smart Grid
b) Enable and promote the sectors as a growth opportunity for SMEs in NWE.
c) Provide a Platform across NWE that promotes and develops Smart Grid benefits;  encourage new Smart Grid services and technologies be developed for citizens.


1 Develop set of tools to enable SMEs to engage with SG/DG/RE Nexus
2 Provide tools to SMEs to compete for transnational business
3 Stimulate product developments through developing international consortia
4 Increase awareness of market opportunities through distribution network

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