Hospitality Management Modules

The Euro BA in International Hospitality Management and the IBA in Hospitality Management programme covers the business manager’s role in the world of hotels and travel. We look especially at a leisure-orientated market from an international perspective. You will learn that hotel chains are companies like any other, that macro and micro demographics cause changes in direction and policy - just as in any other industry.

You will study the administrative processes involved in hotel management and catering, discovering the special importance of human resource management, marketing and quality control in this leading business segment. You will also gain an accurate insight into the changing global scene in the tourist industry, focusing on the opportunities, as well as some of the risks, associated with this exciting market.

The programme includes modules such as Hospitality Operations, Hotel Management, Service Management, and also areas such as International Standards and Law in Tourism, Economics and Tourism and Strategic Management in the Hotel Industry. Students will be expected to fulfil a work experience position in a company such as a restaurant, hotel or travel agency in which they will discover and learn about the business administration in these industries.

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Accounting & Bookkeeping Marketing Research Contemporary Issues in International Hospitality[1]
Intercultural Management Hospitality Service Management - (seminar)
Administrative Organisation Management Business Philosophy International Labour Relations
Small Business Environment Business Accounting - (seminar) Labour Negotiation & Work's Council
Modern Principles of Marketing Hospitality Design and the Environment Business Plan
  2nd Foreign Languages Strategic Marketing
Introduction to Finance 4 Project week & In-company Visits - (seminar) Marketing in Turbulent Times
Food and Beverage Operations Work Placement Module Research Methodology & Quantitative Methods
Training in Interpersonal Skills Law and Human Resource in Hospitality - (seminar) Business Research Methods
TIPS - Interviewing Skills Events Management Hotel Management
TIPS - Effective Meeting Statistics Advanced Corporate Strategy
TIPS - Peak Performance Enterprise Technology and Innovation - (seminar) Corporate Social Responsibility
TIPS - Feedback and Group Interaction - (seminar) Sustainable Business Strategic Management in the Hospitality Industry
Enterprise Formation Economics & Tourism - (seminar)
Sociology and Organisational Behaviour Hospitality Resourcing and Business Performance International Marketing for SME's
Hospitality Operations - (seminar) - (seminar) International Marketing in Practice
Managing Sales and Accounts Marketing Plan 2nd Foreign Languages /
New Business Environment Hospitality In-Company Training Intercultural Business Communication for Managers