Career and progression opportunities - MSc International Hospitality Management

Graduates of the MSc in International Hospitality Management can look forward to a range of career opportunities. Graduates of the MSc in International Hospitality Management can look forward to a range of career opportunities. Industries that generally require hospitality management services include:

  • the health sector
  • cruise liners
  • airlines
  • resorts
  • theme parks
  • casinos
  • the education sector
  • conferences
  • the entertainment industry

Some specialized career options for MSc graduates would be:

Restaurant or catering manager: Restaurant managers ensure their establishment operate efficiently and profitably. They are responsible for a variety of tasks, including business performance, recruiting and retaining skilled members of staff who have a knack for sales as well as ensuring high standards of food, service, health and safety.

Hotel manager: A hotel manager is responsible for the day-to-day running of a hotel - whether a small, boutique hotel or a larger establishment. He or she would have frequent meetings with heads of departments such as catering, household, security and maintenance. Among many other tasks, the hotel manager will also analyze sales figures and devise marketing and revenue strategies, ensure compliance with licensing laws, deal with serious customer complaints or welcome VIP’s. All in a day’s work.

Service consultant: Many managers in the hospitality sector, after gaining considerable experience, move gradually into consultancy while others feel equipped enough to start immediately as a freelance consultant or joining an established consultancy firm. As a service consultant you might develop training manuals, create and implement service protocols, develop marketing strategies and improve the culture of service within the organization.

Entrepreneur: The hospitality sector affords a host of opportunities for starting your own business - whether as a transport service provider, accommodation owner, restaurant owner, hotelier, marketing specialist or wine producer.

Educator and researcher: With their in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of the hospitality industry, graduates of the master program can follow a career as lecturer at a wide range of institutes offering training in this field or pursue further studies such as a PhD.