Bachelor IBA - Economics & Management

The International Business Administration (IBA) field of Economics and Management is the broadest of the selection of IBA specialisations enabling students to understand management from an international and organisational, economy based perspective.

Knowledge of how the economy works has become essential to businesses around the world. The idea that the way companies and organisations, consumers and governments make decisions that will affect the operation, performance and eventual success of a firm has been imbedded within business administration, which makes the programme Economics and Management the broadest business degree offered by Wittenborg. Economics concerns the conduct of business within the local social and political environment, looking at the conduct of business, government policy-making, laws and restrictions and the enormous changes taking place within Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa and  the rest of the world.

Management looks at the skills and competencies required to effectively manage a company or organisation within the economy and the coordination of materials and labour, within the scope of the organisation’s mission, goals and defined objectives. It looks carefully at the distinct relationships between the segments of an organisation, and how these segments are united to form a successful and thriving enterprise. Management students look at the way managers function, lead, and make decisions, and they consider a managers decision making role and effect on the organisations operations.