The Euro BA International Hospitality Management!


3 Year Bachelor in International Hospitality Management

Study 3 years in 3 or 4 different countries!

  • This course is a unique opportunity for students to engage in a totally European BA award that is learnt both in the workplace and by attendance at three internationally recognised colleges.
  • The curriculum and its delivery is designed to reflect the needs of the hospitality industry for a flexible and innovative workforce who are able to meet the ever changing demands of the marketplace.
  • Students who successfully complete this award can expect a challenging and rewarding career in a stimulating and exciting industry.

The EuroBA, a three year Bachelor degree programme in International Hospitality Management is offered by a consortium of 6 European Hotel, Hospitality and Management Schools, based in 5 different European countries.

The participating institutions are :

Ecole de Savignac - EuroBA - International Hospitality Management Degree Wittenborg University - EuroBA - International Hospitality Management Degree Centro Superior de Hosteleria de Galicia - EuroBA - International Hospitality Management Degree
Ecole de Savignac (France)

Centro Superior de Hosteleria de Galicia (Spain)

Angell Academy - EuroBA - International Hospitality Management Degree  Wittenborg University (The Netherlands) University of Brighton -  EuroBA - International Hospitality Management Degree
Angell Business School (Germany)


 University of Brighton (United Kingdom)

Each of the institutes offers at least one of the three years of this very special programme. Students are expected to study each of their years at a different institute - therefore in a different country, giving them a truly international Europe – hence its "EuroBA" nickname! Successful students will be awarded a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in International Hospitality Management by the University of Brighton and a Bachelor of International Business Administration (IBA) in Hospitality Management from Wittenborg University.

Students follow a programme that prepares them for a management career in an international hotel and hospitality setting, and at a number of the institutes the emphasis is on hotel and culinary skills and at other institutes, broad business management skills and diversity within the industry are often a main focus. The programme offers students the chance to choose different styles and focus from the different institutes.

The Euro BA in International Hospitality Management programme covers the business manager’s role in the world of hotels and travel. We look especially at a leisure-orientated market from an international perspective. You will learn that hotel chains are companies like any other, that macro and micro demographics cause changes in direction and policy - just as in any other industry.

You will study the administrative processes involved in hotel management and catering, discovering the special importance of human resource management, marketing and quality control in this leading business segment. You will also gain an accurate insight into the changing global scene in the tourist industry, focusing on the opportunities, as well as some of the risks, associated with this exciting market.

The programme includes modules such as Hospitality Operations, Hotel Management, Service Management, and also areas such as International Standards and Law in Tourism, Economics and Tourism and Strategic Management in the Hotel Industry. Students will be expected to fulfil a work experience position in a company such as a restaurant, hotel or travel agency in which they will discover and learn about the business administration in these industries.